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Vaddio is the premier global manufacturer of PTZ cameras, professional AV solutions and a full suite of Unified Communication and Collaboration products for the audiovisual, videoconference and broadcast marketplaces.

The innovative products and partner-focused practices at Vaddio provide opportunity for integrators and resellers to win business and increase profitability. With industry-leading warranties, one-year advance replacement, and expert technical support, you have the entire Vaddio team standing behind every project.

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Showing 1-30 of 79 items

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Vaddio TeleTouch, 22” Touchscreen Monitor

Most other touchscreen monitors are only partially touch-sensitive. However, the Vaddio TeleTouch touchscreen monitor has 5-wire, resistive touch technology. That makes its entire screen touch-sensitive.

Tue 26, February 2019   Projectors

Vaddio Echo Cancelling Table Pod Review

Vaddio table Pod is a microphone that delivers professional audio quality into your computer system. Each Pod consists of three microphones built-in into an elegant table-top or pendant hanging enclosure.

Wed 22, August 2018   Reviews

Vaddio Brings Sophisticated Technology Within Everyone's Reach

Vaddio PTZ cameras are the security cameras that capture high-quality video footage often used for surveillance purposes at different angles.

Wed 30, May 2018   Press Releases

Vaddio, The Art of Easy

Vaddio's commitment to building innovative solutions that solve real-world problems can be seen in all of their PTZ cameras and control systems, professional-grade unified communications and collaboration products and pro av tools.

Thu 25, January 2018   AV News

Vaddio - The Art of Easy

Vaddio controls the professional camera game. When it comes to panning, zooming and tilting, Vaddio has done HD camera's the right way.

Wed 17, January 2018   AV News

Vaddio Launches the New DocCAM 20 HDBT

Vaddio has launched the DocCAM 20 HDBT Camera, a new high definition, recessed in-ceiling overhead document camera which features 20x optical zoom and high-definition 1080p/60Hz resolution.

Tue 19, December 2017   AV News

Vaddio Unveils New OneLink Bridge AV Interface

Vaddio has combined camera extension systems with USB bridging functionality – making it easy to create a USB media stream for popular PC software applications

Fri 8, September 2017   AV News

The Might of Milestone - Spotlight

Ural Federal University in Ekaterinburg, Russia, has 14 educational buildings with varying requirements. Conference halls and Roman auditoriums are used for events and for education.

Thu 31, August 2017   AV News

Milestone AV Technologies--Chief, Da-Lite, & Vaddio Spotlight

Companies, schools, churches or non-profits that are just getting into videoconferencing and broadcasting will find that the design staff at Milestone can help them determine the best screens, mounts and accessories to meet their requirements.

Thu 23, March 2017   AV News