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Hall HHD264-S HDMI Distribution & Switching over LAN (Sender)

Hall HHD264-S HDMI Distribution & Switching over LAN (Sender)

Hall HHD264-S HDMI Distribution & Switching over LAN (Sender)

By: Hall Techologies

  • Dynamically assign the source displayed at each Receiver
  • Send up to 64 different HDMI sources to over 250 displays
  • Extends IR and RS-232 for control
  • Free Windows PC Manager Tool software (for system-wide control)
  • Visually lossless H.264 compression for a crisp 1080p 60Hz video
  • Sender provides HDMI loop out for local monitor

Price: $287.38

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The HHD264 is a family of HDMI over LAN Senders (encoders) and Receivers (decoders) that utilize the latest H.264 encoding with
user definable bit-rates to distribute multiple Full HD video signals on the local area network (LAN) with unparalleled clarity
and performance. The devices also extend IR control and bi-directional RS-232 communication.

An important feature of the system is its ability to switch Receivers on the fly to show the video of any Sender on the network
using Hall Research’s DVM (Dynamic Virtual Matrix™) technology. Switching is accomplished by using:

  • Dip Switches on each device (for easy set-and-forget)
  • Built-in Webpage (WebGUI) in each unit (accessible from any browser)
  • Telnet Commands (ideal for third-party control of switching)
  • Using a PC running Hall Research’s free Manager Tool software.
    Click for Instructional Video.

Senders and Receivers are available with and without POE capability.

Model Description
HHD264-S HDMI, IR and RS232 over LAN Sender
HHD264-R HDMI, IR and RS232 over LAN Receiver
HHD264-S-PD HDMI, IR and RS232 over LAN Sender PoE powered
HHD264-R-PD HDMI, IR and RS232 over LAN Receiver PoE powered

All devices have a power input connector. The PoE (-PD) versions can still be used with non-PoE routers by plugging in the
included power supply.The HHD264 systems support several modes of operation: point-to-point (one sender connected to one receiver
with no LAN infrastructure), point-to-many (one Sender to many receivers like a video splitter), and many-to-many (matrix
operation). They support CAT5e/6 cable distances of up to120 meters (400ft).

For installations having multiple senders and receivers a dedicated Gigabit (1000 BaseT) network (multi-port router) is
recommended. The system also works on slower 100 BaseT networks but with fewer sources. The H.264 encoding scheme allows user
definable bit rates to give users control over bandwidth used for each video stream.

The HHD264 system applications include digital signage, meeting rooms, classrooms, bus & metro stations, airports, home
theater, and more.

Package Contents

(1) Model HHD264 (-S, -R, -S-PD, or -R-PD)
(1) 5V DC Power Supply with universal plug adapter kit and locking DC connector (-PD versions also include a power supply
that can be used if no POE is available)

(1) IR Emitter Cable with Senders
(1) IR Detector Cable with Receivers
(1) Set of mounting bracket hardware
(1) User’s Manual

Powerful built-in WebGUI and free Windows System Manager Tool



Weight (lbs):