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Pure Resonance PMZ16 Remote Paging Mic Station

Pure Resonance PMZ16 Remote Paging Mic Station

Pure Resonance PMZ16 Remote Paging Mic Station

By: Pure Resonance Audio

The PMZ16 remote microphone station with 16” gooseneck condenser microphone is capable of paging a single zone, group of zones, and/or all zones. The PMZ16 paging microphone station can also be connected to the Pure Resonance Audio®RZMA120BT multi-zone mixer amplifier, with the maximum CAT5 length between microphone paging station and mixer amplifier not exceeding 500 meters. This microphone station can be daisy-chained (4 max) via Cat5 for zone paging and chimes (1-4).

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Condenser Paging Microphone with Zone Control for use with the RZMA120BT Multi-Zone Mixer Amplifier


Paging Microphone with 4 Zone Capacity

The Pure Resonance Audio® PMZ16 is a remote paging microphone with 4 zone capacity design for use with the RZMA120BT mixer amplifier amplifiers only. Linked by RJ45 port through CAT5 cable, up to 6 microphones can be cascaded together for one amplifier. The microphone with zone control has a built-in two & four tone chime selector and is powered by the amplifier at 24V DC.


Page a Single Zone, Group of Zones, or All Zones

The zone control station allows you to page each of your zones independently or all zones simultaneously. Then PMZ16 also gives you the capacity to create groups of zones, allowing you to communicate with individual zones, group zones or all zones with the push of a button. The maximum communication distance of the microphone is 1kms.


Control Zones, Pages, Volume, and More from Microphone Station

The PMZ16 features four zone selector buttons, an all call button, talk, and chime buttons, as well as a 10 segment level meter to display the output level. It also includes a built-in microphone, chime, and master volume control. Volume gain can be adjusted by the volume control on the rear panel. When the call confirmation button is turned off, the call confirmation indicator will be off, and there will be no call signal output. It has online function and an online interface for LINK IN LINK OUT, as well as a built-in independent switching power supply.



  • 4 zone remote paging microphone
  • With zone, group zone and all zone paging capacity
  • Supports up to 6 microphones on one amplifier
  • Microphone connects to the amplifier through CAT 5 cable
  • Microphone is DC24V powered by the amplifier at max 1kms distance
  • Built-in two & four tone chime selector for pre-announcement
  • Built-in microphone, chime & master volume control
  • 10 segments level meter to display output level
  • Online function and an online interface for LINK IN LINK OUT
  • Built-in independent switching power supply



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