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Optoma HDCast-PRO HDCast Pro HDMI Wifi Dongle

Optoma HDCast-PRO HDCast Pro HDMI Wifi Dongle

Optoma HDCast-PRO HDCast Pro HDMI Wifi Dongle

By: Optoma

Optoma HDCast Pro is a powerful and versatile 1080p HDMI MHL enabled multimedia stick for business, education, and home use. The Powerful HDCast Pro enables you to stream videos and music, and share documents and photos. This wireless device turns turn your projector into a wireless display.

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HDCast Pro - Black



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HDCast Pro is a powerful and versatile 1080p HDMI MHL enabled multimedia stick for business, education, and home use. HDCast Pro is capable of screen mirroring via Miracast and Airplay on iOS, Android, Mac OS X, and Windows devices. Screen mirroring duplicates the entire screen and displays for everyone in the room to view. Screen mirroring is perfect for sharing CRM data with colleagues and clients, delivering a lesson to students on the significance of water on Mars, watching Game of Thrones on Netflix with family, or sharing vacation photos with friends. 

HDCast Pro is lightweight and portable, easily fitting into the side pocket of a backpack or front pants pocket enabling digital media content, documents, and presentations to be shown anywhere, anytime. The HDCast Pro Application delivers the freedom to PlayTo, Push and Cast music, pictures and videos from any smartphone, laptop, tablet or computer directly to Optoma projectors or any HDMI enabled HDTV. HDCast Pro supports a large variety of digital media formats with everything from MKV and MOV video files to MP3 and FLAC HD audio files to JPEG and BMP image files. Need to share a cute cat video or latest movie trailer on YouTube? With HDCast Pro’s Web Browser and Cloud Video portal watching videos from YouTube and Vimeo is simple and fast. Use the included Document Viewer to effortlessly share Word documents, Excel documents, and PowerPoint presentations or utilize HDCast Pro’s Cloud Storage to access documents, presentations and audio video files. 

The Document Viewers Live Draw allows any presenter to make annotations to any document for everyone in the room to see. 4-Way split screen presentation mode enables the moderator to allow 3 participants to mirror or cast content from their Android, iOS or Windows devices directly to one of 3 available quadrants. This feature is great for meetings, training sessions, and classroom lessons where more than one participant may need to show content to those in attendance.


  • Mirror the entire screen of Android, iOS, Mac OS X, and Windows Devices in glorious 1080p
  • Share Excel, PowerPoint, Word and PDF documents with colleagues and students
  • PlayTo and Cast Music, Pictures and Videos directly to HDCast Pro from any Android, iOS, Mac OS X, and Windows device
  • Support for popular media formats: MKV and MP4 video containers, MPEG-4 and H.264 video codecs, MP3 and AAC audio formats
  • Access and display content from popular Cloud Storage Providers (DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Amazon Cloud)







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