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Mimio 1834496 MimioPad 2 Interactive Whiteboard

Mimio 1834496 MimioPad 2 Interactive Whiteboard

Mimio 1834496 MimioPad 2 Interactive Whiteboard

By: Mimio

Wireless tablet that supports multiple tablets in the classroom (up to 4) with battery-free stylus. Includes MimioPad 2 wireless tablet, battery-free stylus with lanyard, USB cable, replacement pen cap, and MimioStudio software.

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Price: $399.00

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Control your whiteboard anywhere within your classroom with the help of the MimioPad 2 Wireless Tablet. It comes with a wireless USB receiver that automatically communicates with your MimioTeach System which translates to simple MimioStudio toolbars and menus that are same for both products. So when the lessons are flowing and your students are excited, be on the move with the MimioPad 2 Wireless Tablet.

You can move around and check or focus your attention on individual students and manage your entire classroom easily. With multiple tablets able to connect to a single computer, you can allow your students to use the MimioPad2 to interact with the whiteboard without having to leave their seats, this is specially helpful to students with limited mobility or handicapped. Designed to be user-friendly and easy to carry, the MimioPad2 tablet is shaped to fit snugly in your hands, so carrying it around feels natural.

  • Allows full remote control of the computer desktop and interactive whiteboard.
  • Provides 16 shortcut keys to the common functions of MimioStudio classroom software.*
  • Convenient, battery-free stylus is tethered to the MimioPad tablet and charges automatically.
  • Stylus acts as a mouse, so students can draw or write in MimioStudio software or control the computer desktop.
  • The Collaborate feature of MimioStudio software allows teachers to conduct collaborative activities using the MimioPad tablet or mobile devices equipped with the MimioMobile app.



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