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SMART KAPP42 42in. Kapp Capture Board

SMART KAPP42 42in. Kapp Capture Board

SMART KAPP42 42in. Kapp Capture Board

By: SMART Technologies

SMART kapp allows you to write, draw and capture ideas using dry erase SMART ink markers – just like the old-fashioned dry-erase board—while enabling you to instantly save your work images, convert them to PDFs, and send to anyone, anywhere, instantly. SMART kapp eliminates the ineffective practice of photographing whiteboards and flipcharts or furiously typing notes during meetings to save and share valuable information and insights.

The product selected is no-longer available!

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90 Days


The 84" Smart kapp board is now available for pre-order! More info here.

SMART kapp is a 42" capture board that enables you to collaborate with others in a simple but powerful way. Write and draw on the board, just like you would a regular dry erase board. You can then connect a Bluetooth®-enabled mobile device to the capture board by scanning a Quick Response (QR) code or by tapping the Near Field Communication (NFC) target. When you first connect your mobile device, you’re directed to the Apple App Store or Google Play™ to download the SMART kapp app. After you download and install the app, you can use it to connect to your capture board and share content with others, quickly, easily, and securely.

It’s time to retire the dry-erase board. SMART kapp offers the same simple inking experience as its predecessors while adding the ability to capture your work and share with others in real-time — all using your smartphone or tablet. Say goodbye to blurry photographs of meeting notes and hello to a tool actually designed for the 21st century.

  • Get started right away - Put it up. Plug it in. Create.
  • Easily save and share notes - Store content as snapshots on a mobile device. Automatically share snapshots to your Evernote™ account.
  • Real-time sharing -As if by magic, notes from SMART kapp appear real-time on your own device as well as remote participants computers, tablets or smart phones.
  • Refined inking - Write and erase on the sleek, glass surface without ever staining it.
  • Full data security - SMART protects your sensitive information in the kappboard.com cloud by using only encrypted communication protocols (HTTPS) and removing it from the service as soon as you stop sharing it. These measures are in addition to industry-standard security best practices.



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90 Days

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