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Toa Electronics SR-S4S Slim-Line Array Straight Speaker (White)

Toa Electronics SR-S4S Slim-Line Array Straight Speaker (White)

Toa Electronics SR-S4S Slim-Line Array Straight Speaker (White)

By: TOA Electronics

TOA's SR-S4S Slim-Line Straight 600W Speaker (White) are an integral part of the SR-S Series.

Price: $1,312.98

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These two-way line array speakers feature a linear design to optimize sound quality in short-distance settings by limiting the vertical sound dispersion and focusing directivity at your audience. Each speaker contains thirty-two elements; eight 10cm woofers and twenty-four high-frequency drivers. By installing the drivers vertically and with very little space in-between, TOA has created a continuous linear sound source.

The SR-S4S speakers are designed for a single amplifier situation, but they can easily be modified to support a biamp situation. And, with an additional digital signal processor you can set the optimal crossover frequency points for your professional settings.

  • Slim compact design ideal for speech applications
  • Low visual profile fits into demanding settings
  • Highly controlled coverage yields improved intelligibility
  • Multiple drivers (8 LF, 24 HF) for high sensitivity and power handling
  • In-line driver arrangement for superior vertical coverage control
  • All drivers share the same horizontal axis for best horizontal dispersion
  • Horizontal coverage remains broad through speech range - 100 deg.
  • High power handling: 600W cont. (200W, 24 hr. pink noise)
  • SR-S4L Long-throw (0°V x 90°H)
  • Full-range with built-in crossover or biamp
  • Power handling: 600W cont.
  • High sensitivity: up to 99dB, 1 watt @ 1 meter (500 to 5,000Hz)





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