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Crestron DigitalMedia 8G Cable, plenum, 500 ft spool

Crestron DigitalMedia 8G Cable, plenum, 500 ft spool

Crestron DigitalMedia 8G Cable, plenum, 500 ft spool

By: Crestron

Ultra high-performance CAT5e shielded twisted-pair cable designed to deliver ultimate performance for the wiring of DigitalMedia 8G+ systems, and anywhere else CAT5e is required.

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3 Years


Crestron® DigitalMedia 8G™ Cable (DM-CBL-8G-P) is a 350MHz-certified shielded twisted-pair (STP) cable that is engineered to deliver optimum performance for use in data networking and high-definition AV signal distribution applications. It is precision manufactured and tested to significantly exceed the CAT5e specifications for bandwidth, crosstalk, and interference rejection, and is qualified for use wherever a high-quality shielded CAT5e wire is required. DigitalMedia 8G Cable provides a complete Crestron-guaranteed wiring solution for use with DigitalMedia 8G+™ devices, and is also highly recommended for use with Sonnex® Multiroom Audio Systems, HDBaseT™, and other CAT5e based audio, video, and data distribution products.

350MHz Multimedia and Data-Grade Shielded CAT5e
For digital multimedia or Ethernet data networking, DM 8G® Cable provides the finest shielded CAT5e on the market. Every spool is individually certified to ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2 Category 5e, and tested to 350 MHz bandwidth, ensuring ultimate performance for demanding AV and data network applications. Its high-quality 100% foil shield ensures very low EMI/RFI interference, preventing video signal interruption or loss of data — even in noisy environments. Foot markers printed on the cable's outer jacket make it easy to verify the exact length of each cable during installation.

DigitalMedia 8G+™ HD AV Signal Distribution over One Wire
Crestron DigitalMedia™ (DM®) is the world's most evolved system solution for distributing uncompressed, high-definition digital video and audio throughout a home or commercial structure. DigitalMedia 8G+ is the latest generation of DM, providing a true one-wire transport for moving HD and Ultra HD video, high-bitrate 7.1 audio, high-speed Ethernet, and power over CAT5e. DigitalMedia 8G Cable is specially designed and pre-qualified for use with DM 8G+™ transmitters, receivers, and switchers. Compared to ordinary CAT5e, DM 8G Cable affords much higher performance margin to ensure a reliable installation every time.[1]

HDBaseT™ Recommended
HDBaseT technology is a consumer electronic connectivity technology optimized for whole-home and commercial multimedia distribution. HDBaseT converges uncompressed full HD digital video, audio, Ethernet, power, and control signals through a single CAT5e cable. Crestron DM 8G Cable is ideally designed and tested for use with HDBaseT products.

A Complete Crestron-Guaranteed Solution
Termination of DM 8G cable is accomplished using Crestron DM-8G-CONN shielded RJ45 type connectors. The DM-8G-CONN connector is specially designed to maintain maximum bandwidth and provide 100% shielding against interference to ensure consistent, reliable system performance. Quick and easy field-termination if facilitated using the DM-8G-CRIMP crimping tool.[2]

Crestron DM-CBL-8G-P cable is plenum-rated for installation in an environmental air handling space as typical for commercial applications. For non-plenum applications, use DM-CBL-8G-NP.

Key Features

  • 350 MHz ultra high-performance shielded CAT5e
  • Optimized for high-definition digital AV and Ethernet data networking applications
  • Precision manufactured and tested to exceed CAT5e specifications
  • Qualified for use wherever a high-quality shielded CAT5e is required
  • Ensures Crestron® guaranteed performance for DigitalMedia 8G+™ and Sonnex® Link
  • Highly recommended for use with HDBaseT™
  • Every spool is individually tested and certified
  • Available in plenum and non-plenum versions


  1. Refer to the Crestron DigitalMedia Design Guide, Doc. for complete DM system design guidelines.
  2. All connectors and crimp tool sold separately.

Ultra high-bandwidth shielded twisted-pair

Designed specifically for DM 8G STP applications

Carries uncompressed HD AV, high-speed communication and power

Connectors available for easy termination

Ultimate HD digital multimedia cable



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3 Years