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Crestron DM-MD32X32 32 x 32 DigitalMedia Switcher

Crestron DM-MD32X32 32 x 32 DigitalMedia Switcher

Crestron DM-MD32X32 32 x 32 DigitalMedia Switcher

By: Crestron

A fully modular and expandable 32 x 32 DigitalMedia matrix switcher offering low-latency digital video and audio switching, and HD lossless multi-room signal distribution, for all types of AV sources.

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Crestron® DM® Switchers provide the foundation for a complete DigitalMedia™ system, delivering an advanced 4K ultra high-definition AV signal routing solution that's extremely flexible and installer-friendly. The DM-MD32X32 affords ultra fast switching and pure, lossless distribution of HDMI® and other signals to support all the Blu-ray Disc® players, HDTV receivers, digital media servers, computers, HD cameras, and high-definition displays that fill any modern home or commercial facility. DigitalMedia thoughtfully manages all of the disparate AV signals and devices to deliver a transparent user experience, and ensure an optimum video image and audio signal at every location.

The DM-MD32X32 is field-configurable to handle up to 32 AV sources of virtually any type. The outputs are also field-configurable to provide up to 32 DM, HDBaseT®, and/or HDMI outputs, or up to 16 H.264 streaming outputs, in a single chassis.[1] A full selection of DM switcher input cards, DM transmitters, and DM receivers provides extensive connectivity throughout a residence or commercial facility, supporting a complete range of analog and digital signal types — all through one switcher!

Integrated Ethernet networking and USB distribution provide a complete connectivity solution combined with built-in Crestron control[2] for managing the displays and other room devices without necessitating any additional wiring. User-friendly operation, setup, and troubleshooting tools are provided through the DM-MD32X32 front panel, or via Crestron Toolbox™ software, to make setting up a complete multiroom HD system easy.


Distributes uncompressed digital video and audio over twisted-pair wire or fiber

Supports HDMI with Deep Color and 7.1 channel HD lossless audio

Supports video resolutions up to WUXGA 1920x1200 and HD 1080p60

Allows cable length to 450ft using DigitalMedia Cable, 1000ft (300m) using CresFiber

Supports up to 32 DM receivers and room controllers with easy expansion for more outputs

Configurable inputs support a complete range of digital and analog signal types

Detects and displays detailed video and audio input information

QuickSwitch HD technology achieves low-latency HDMI switching

Manages HDCP digital rights management for every device

Performs automatic AV signal format management via EDID

Enables device control via CEC

Distributes USB HID mouse and keyboard signals

Allows full audio and USB breakaway switching

Integrates with analog audio distribution systems

Enables simultaneous output of stereo and surround sound audio

Includes integrated Ethernet switch with Gigabit LAN port

Includes built-in power distribution for DM transmitters, repeaters, and room controllers

Provides easy setup and diagnostics tools via front panel or software

14-space 19-inch rack-mountable



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