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Crestron AMP-2210T 2x210W Commercial Power Amplifier, 4/8 ohms, 70/100V

Crestron AMP-2210T 2x210W Commercial Power Amplifier, 4/8 ohms, 70/100V

Crestron AMP-2210T 2x210W Commercial Power Amplifier, 4/8 ohms, 70/100V

By: Crestron

The Crestron 2x210W commercial power amplifier, 4/8 ohms, 70/100V, is perfect for all types of professional audio applications.

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3 Years

Crestron® AMP-series Commercial Power Amplifiers provide a perfect combination of high output and efficiency for all types of professional audio applications. 100% Crestron engineered and built, these amplifiers are ENERGY STAR® qualified to enable organizations to fulfill their green initiatives without compromising on audio performance. Advanced design features include a high-efficiency amp topology with active power factor corrected power supply, delivering a generous amount of power in a space-saving 1U rack-mountable chassis.

2-Channel Universal Design
The AMP-2210T provides two independent channels of amplification with configurable outputs to suit a wide range of system designs. Each channel is configurable via a simple selector switch to handle either low-Z or constant-voltage speaker systems. Each channel is rated for 210W @ 4?, or 120W @ 8?, 70V, or 100V. Additionally, the two channels may be bridged together to deliver a robust 420W @ 8? to a single load. The 70/100V outputs are transformer isolated to handle long and complex wire runs.

ENERGY STAR® Qualified
Its ultra-efficient design allows the AMP-2210T to meet demanding ENERGY STAR qualification requirements, affording a cost-reducing solution for everything from boardrooms and auditoriums to paging and background music systems. Auto power-down places the amplifier into a low-power standby state if no input signal is detected for 30 minutes. The amplifier quickly powers back on the instant an input signal is detected. In addition, each amp channel can be independently enabled or disabled via jumpers or remote contacts, reducing power consumption by shutting down individual channels when they are not needed. Whether switched remotely or through an AC power controller, the AMP-2210T draws no added inrush current during power-up, reducing AC circuit requirements and potentially eliminating the need for extra power sequencing equipment.

Professional System Integration
The AMP-2210T includes professional balanced inputs with rear-panel ±10dB input level adjustments to assure compatibility with a wide range of audio sources. Remote power control is enabled for each channel using external contact closures, switches, or control system relays. All input, output, and remote control connections are facilitated via detachable screw-terminal connectors to simplify installation and servicing.

Cool and Compact
The AMP-2210T features a durable, lightweight chassis that may be placed on a shelf, or rack-mounted using the rack ears provided. At only one rack space high and under 15 inches deep, it is ideal for installations requiring a lot of power in a limited space. Its efficient, cool-running design gives off substantially less heat than comparably rated amplifiers. Convection cooling means there are no noisy fans, allowing the AMP-2210T to be installed in a boardroom lectern or credenza without affecting noise levels.

Rugged and Dependable
All AMP-series amplifiers are designed for ultimate dependability in a wide range of commercial environments. Built-in over current and DC offset protection on each channel helps prevent damage to the amplifier and speakers due to external or internal faults. Discrete thermal protection is also provided on each channel and the power supply. Front panel indicators are provided for each channel to show signal presence, clipping, and fault conditions.

Key Features-

Ultra-efficient amplifier design

High-output, low noise, low distortion performance

Transformer isolated 70 and 100 Volt outputs

Individual channel power control via jumper or remote contact

Auto power-down after 30 minutes of no signal

Instant auto power-on when a signal is detected

No inrush current during power-up

Over current and DC offset protection per output

Thermal protection on the power supply and each channel

Front panel signal, clip, and fault indicators per channel

Professional balanced inputs

Detachable terminal block connectors

Rear panel 10dB input level controls

Convection cooled - no noisy fans

Single-space 1U rack mountable

Under 15 inches deep

Universal power supply with active power factor correction



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3 Years