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EZLINX 13-Pin male to 13-Pin male 10 in. adapter

By: Liberty

Male to Male, connects two EZLINX bulk cables together.

The product selected is no-longer available!

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Male to Male, connects two EZLINX bulk cables together.

The EZLINX termination system provides a complete solution for connecting cable to your device-to-device and device-to-control applications. Regardless of the connector style, EZLINX allows the professional AV installer to finish the installation simply, easily and efficiently.

Liberty's EZLINX system is comprised of two basic parts:

  • The EZLINX cable, a 26 AWG with a threaded 13-pin female connector on each end
  • 14 EZLINX Termination Options with a threaded male connector on one end and a broad selection of high-quality VGA, BNC, RCA, Analog DVI, S-Video and customizable options on the other

Liberty's EZLINX male-tolmale cable adapters are the perfect solution for longer distances, and for shorter distances, our flexible termination options can be easily connected with our female to female cable adapter.

EZLINX solutions are also available in both plate and panel-mounted style, providing the professional AV installer with the ultimate in complete connectivity.



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