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Hamilton HD Camcorder Explorer Kit w/ 4 Cameras

By: Hamilton Electronics

This camcorder features High Definition 1280x720P video recording, 2.4" LCD display, 4x Digital Zoom and built-in Flash.

Price: $718.67

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1 Year

This Classroom Kit includes 4 Hamilton HDV5200-1 Cameras and Nylon Carrying Case.

Introduce your students to the fun and art of taking pictures and making their own videos with the Hamilton Electronics High Definition Digital Camcorder! This camcorder features High Definition 1280x720P video recording, 2.4" LCD display, 4x Digital Zoom and built-in Flash. Still pictures look great thanks to a 5MP image sensor (Up to 16MP Interpolated). Our camera is designed for the classroom with rugged construction. Recordings are saved directly to internal memory. No tapes to damage or lose! In addition to recording video, this camera can also take still photos, play MP3s and make audio recordings.
Video files from this camera are recorded in the latest H.264 MPEG-4 video codec supported by Windows, MacOS and Linux PCs. Pick from AVI, WMV and ASF in-camera!
Product Specifications:
Image Sensor:                    5.17" CMOS
Resolution:                          2560X1920,2048X1536,1600X1200,800X600, -- 4640X3480,4000X3000 and 3264X2448 (via 
                                               Interpolation) –
Image quality:                     Fine/Normal/Basic
Color Depth:                        24-bit true colors (RGB)
Display:                                2.4" TFT LCD
Lens:                                    F2.8, fixed focus
Zoom:                                   Digital Zoom, 4x at image capture, 16x at playback
Shooting distance:           1m~infinity
Shutter Speed:                  1/2~1/1000 second
Exposure:                            Automatic
Exposure compensation:       -2 to +2EV value, at 1/2EV step
White Balance:                   Auto, Sunny, Cloudy, fluorescent, tungsten
Shooting interval:               3 sec
Continuous shooting:        4 photos
Playback delay:                  3 sec
Timer:                                   10 sec delay
Built-in Flash:                       Auto/On/off
Recharge time of flash:     8 sec (when full-recharged battery is used at normal temp.)
Effective range of flash:    1-2 m
On-board memory:              32MB flash memory
Removable memory:           SD/MMC card
File format:                            JPEG+Exif2.2
PC camera:                            30 fps@CIF image
Video recording:                   MPEG-4, QVGA or VGA @ 30fps, D1, HDV
Music player:                         Digital Music play
Video Play:                             MP4 play
Voice function:                      Voice recording and playback
ISO sensitivity:                      Auto
Operating system:               Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista, above Mac OS 8.0
Menu language:                    English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, and Italian
External interface:               USB 2.0 High Speed, AV output
Power supply:                       Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
Dimensions:                          102x57x23mm
Weight:                                   105 grams (excluding battery)
Warranty:                               1 Year
What's In the Box:
  • HDV5200-1 Camera
  • USB to Mini USB Cable
  • 120v to USB Charger
  • Camera Bag
  • Par of Ear buds
  • Camera to TV A/V Cable
  • Wrist Strap
  • Owner's Manual
  • Driver Software
  • Blaze Video Magic conversion software








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1 Year