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PLUS UPIC-72 PLUS UPIC-W72M Wireless Interactive Wide Panel

PLUS UPIC-72 PLUS UPIC-W72M Wireless Interactive Wide Panel

PLUS UPIC-72 PLUS UPIC-W72M Wireless Interactive Wide Panel

By: Plus Corp

Measuring 72" diagonal (64.2" w x 42.1" h), the wide model UPIC gives you more room for projecting and writing. It supports the 16x9 ratio native to wide screen projectors.

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Extremely easy to set-up.
Just unroll the sheet against any surface to which a magnet may be adhered: a chalkboard, a whiteboard, a steel wall, etc. This is easily done by one person. After that, you only need to start your computer and projector, remove the digital pen’s cap, tap the four corners of the sheet to calibrate the projected image and, lastly, begin the UPIC software. You are now ready for your interactive meeting or lesson.


1. Attach the magnetic sheet. 2. Start up your computer and projector. 3. Remove the digital pen's cap. The calibration pattern then appears automatically. 4. Tap the four calibration marks in the corners of the projected image. 5. Start the "Touch & Draw" software. The tool bar appears and you are ready to go!

Everything fits neatly into the compact carrying case.
The UPIC and all of its accessories fit neatly into the provided carrying case. Set up an interactive classroom anywhere on campus or take your interactive meeting from city to city. The UPIC is a truly portable interactive solution.

Wireless. Bluetooth® technology.
The panel does not require any power and the UPIC does not need a cord to communicate with a computer, therefore there is no power cord to connect . . . or to trip over. The unique digital pen transmits information via Bluetooth. Simply pair the pen with your Bluetooth-enabled computer (or use the included Bluetooth USB dongle) and the UPIC panel becomes an interactive board.

Easy to use software. Intuitive icons.
The "Touch and Draw" software requires very little training to master. The tool bar icons are familiar and will be readily identifiable by anyone who has worked with similar technology.

The software allows the user to add comments and make annotations as well as insert graphics onto areas of the projected content. This type of visual communication – through drawings and graphics – allows the user to express themselves with greater clarity and more nuance than when simply speaking.

At the end of the presentation, you can save the digitally written comments along with the original projected image as a new digital image file.

Like three presentation tools in one.
Beyond the UPIC functioning as a interactive board, with the provided markers and eraser, you can write and erase on the panel just like when using a regular whiteboard. Furthermore, the UPIC can be used as a projection screen. Its unique surface minimizes the reflection and glare of a projector making viewing projected images more comfortable.

Economically priced.
The UPIC is less expensive than conventional interactive boards since the number of materials used in its construction are limited. Its reasonable price will fit into your increasingly tight budget.


Dot Matrix Sheet.
To achieve the feat of digital writing, a patent-protected dot pattern from Anoto has been added to the UPIC writing surface. The pattern, almost invisible to the naked eye, consists of numerous intelligent small black dots that can be read by the unique digital pen. The pattern indicates the exact positions of the digital pen and the pen sends this information to your PC via Bluetooth.

Unique digital pen.
The pen contains an integrated digital camera, an advanced image microprocessor and a mobile communications device for wireless connection.

When you write over the projected image, the unique pen takes digital snapshots (more than 50 pictures per second) of the dot pattern on the UPIC writing surface. Every snapshot contains enough data to determine the exact position of the pen. The data is transferred via Bluetooth in real time to your computer which in turn projects the writing. This happens so quickly that it appears as if you are writing on the screen.

Extremely easy to set-up. Just unroll onto any magnetic surface.

Compact size. Travel easily with the carrying case.

Wireless. Bluetooth technology for commuting with a PC.

Easy to use software with intuitive icons.

Three presentation tools in one. Interactive Board. Dry Erase Board. Projection Screen.

Economically priced.







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