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PLUS UPIC-64 Wireless Interactive Panel

PLUS UPIC-64 Wireless Interactive Panel

PLUS UPIC-64 Wireless Interactive Panel

By: Plus Corp

Measuring 64" diagonal (52.4" w x 39.2" h), the UPIC-64 provides ample space for your interactive presentations.

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 The UPIC-64 64” Wireless Interactive Panel is an interactive display that allows the user to operate a computer directly from a projected image by using a unique digital pen. Among the advantages of the revolutionary PLUS UPIC, the easy-and-quick setup is paramount in the white board industry. Simply unroll the compact panel and attach it to a steel wall, whiteboard, chalkboard or other flat surfaces, then use the Bluetooth® digital pen with a computer. In addition to its interactive functionality, it can also be used as a regular whiteboard. The presenter can write and erase contents using the provided markers and an eraser. The UPIC surface is made of a special material that minimizes the reflection and glare of a projector (making it an ideal projection screen), and the entire back surface is a magnetic sheet, allowing the panel to be attached easily to many places. Being very thin, only 0.4 mm, and weighing only 4.6 pounds, it can be rolled up easily to be conveniently carried using the provided carrying case. Its mobility is one of its greatest assets, allowing the panel to be used in a variety of locations. Moreover, an almost invisible Anoto dot pattern is printed on the panel surface of the panel. The unique digital pen contains an integrated digital camera which takes a snapshot of the dot pattern and the coordinates are instantly recognized. The digital pen has a Bluetooth® transceiver which transmits data to a computer wirelessly, yet its design and feel are just like regular ink pens. Therefore, the user can comfortably and smoothly write on the panel in digital format.

The ”Touch & Draw” functionality allows the user to create “highlighter” marks or insert graphics onto areas of the projected content. This type of visual communication, through drawings and graphics, allows the user to show greater clarity and provide more nuance than by simply speaking at length. And with Micrsoft PowerPoint 2003 (or later), by using the “Pointer option” function, it is possible to write contents on a projected PowerPoint slide which can then be saved as a new PowerPoint file including the newly added written contents. Also, by employing the innovative sheet-type panel, there are minimal components that make up this sheet-type interactive display, compared to a conventional board-type Interactive Whiteboard which requires a board-frame, a stand, sensing parts, cords, and many more. The result of this technology makes the PLUS UPIC an impressively affordable tool in a non-portable interactive communication marketplace.

Extremely easy to set-up. Just unroll onto any magnetic surface.

Compact size. Travel easily with the carrying case.

Wireless. Bluetooth technology for commuting with a PC.

Easy to use software with intuitive icons.

Three presentation tools in one. Interactive Board. Dry Erase Board. Projection Screen.

Economically priced.







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