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Kramer VM-114H2C 2x1:4 (2 HDMI & 2 Twisted PairTransmitter) Distribution Amp

Kramer VM-114H2C 2x1:4 (2 HDMI & 2 Twisted PairTransmitter) Distribution Amp

Kramer VM-114H2C 2x1:4 (2 HDMI & 2 Twisted PairTransmitter) Distribution Amp

By: Kramer Electronics

The VM-114H2C is a high-performance switcher and distribution amplifier for HDMI and DGKat twisted pair signals.

Price: $1,276.00

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Key Features:

Maximum Data Rate - 2.25Gbps bandwidth per graphic channel (HDMI), 1.65Gbps bandwidth per graphic channel (DGKat)

HDTV Compatible

HDCP Compliant

DGKat Signal Integration - Kramer's unique technology for converting TMDS as well as control and communication to signals that run over twisted pair cables. We strongly recommend using Kramer DGKat cables designed specifically for optimum performance

Inputs - 1 HDMI & 1 DGKat twisted pair on an RJ-45 connectors

Outputs - 2 HDMI, 2 DGKat twisted pairs on RJ-45 connectors

I-EDIDPro Kramer Intelligent EDID Processing - Intelligent EDID handling & processing algorithm ensures Plug and Play operation for HDMI systems

HDMI Support - HDMI (V.1.4 with x.v.Color, HDMI Uncompressed Audio Channels, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD (only on the TP inputs and outputs)

3D Pass-Through

Kramer Equalization & re-Klocking Technology - Rebuilds the digital signal to travel longer distances

System Range - Up to 90m (295ft) at 1080i, or up to 30m (98ft) at 1080p on shielded BC-DGKat524 cable. Up to 90m (295ft) at 1080i, or up to 70m (230ft) at 1080p on shielded BC-DGKat623 cable. Up to 100m (330ft) at 1080i or up to 90m (295ft) at 1080p on shi

Cable - Requires STP (shielded twisted pair) cable. For optimum range and performance, use Kramer's BC-DGKat524, BC-DGKat623 or BC-DGKat7a23 cables. Note that the transmission range depends on the signal resolution, source device and display used. The dist

Active input & output LED indicators

Compatible Transmitters/Receivers - Transmitters: PT-571, TP-573, TP-577; Receivers: PT-572, TP-575, TP-576, TP-577

Power Connect System - A single connection to the transmitter or the receiver powers both units when the devices are within 90m (270ft) of each other

Flexible control options - Front panel buttons, RS-232, infrared control sensor, remote included

Size: Desktop - compatible with RK-1 19-inch rack adapter for mounting multiple desktop and/or MultiTOOLS models into a 1U rack space



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