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Intelix AVO-MIC-F Cat-5 Microphone Balun System (Send Balun, Receive Balun, and Power Supply)

By: Intelix

Intelix AVO-MIC-F Microphone Balun Set Transmits a Preamplified Microphone Signal and Phantom Power up to 2,500 Ft Over Standard Structured Cabling

Price: $217.56

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2 Year Warranty

The Intelix AVO-MIC microphone balun set transmits a preamplified microphone signal and phantom power up to 2,500 feet over standard structured cabling, such as Cat 5. The AVO-MIC balun set includes a rack-mountable send balun, rackmountable receive balun, and a power supply; the set may powered on either the send or receive end. The AVO-MIC balun set is ideal for corporate A/V, churches, schools, auditoriums, and almost any other situation involving microphone level audio signal distribution.

The Intelix AvoCat Series of baluns is the ideal solution for sending audio and video over structured cabling. When signal quality matters, choose Intelix.

Microphone or line level audio up to 2,500 over standard Cat 5 cabling

Built in phantom power

Built-in audio preamp

Up to 60 dB of adjustable gain

Phoenix terminal connectors for quick installation

Power on either the send or receive side

Two position EQ circuit




2 Year Warranty