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Anchor Audio LK-LIB Admiral Lectern with Liberty Platinum Package

Anchor Audio LK-LIB Admiral Lectern with Liberty Platinum Package

Anchor Audio LK-LIB Admiral Lectern with Liberty Platinum Package

By: Anchor Audio, Inc.

The Admiral Package with Liberty Platinum (LK-LIB) includes with an impressive, portable, sound lectern. The lectern comes in a golden American Oak finish, and conveniently fits an included Liberty sound system into the cabinet space.

Price: $2,563.00

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6 Years



Anchor Audio is a company that specializes in portable sound systems designed for events and lectures, that function well in a variety of spaces and locales. The LK-LIB combines the Admiral Lectern with the LIB-7500H Liberty Portable Sound System. This lecture and presentation package combines an attractive podium of an oak construction and a professional appearance, with a 50 watt self-amplified speaker that secures neatly inside the center console of the lectern.

The Admiral lectern includes a condenser mic with an attached XLR connector, and installed casters at it's base for transportation. Stagehands will greatly appreciate the casters, as the podium weighs 65 lbs. The carpeting at the base adds a bit of lavishness and professionalism to the presentation.

The LIB-7500H Liberty Sound System fits conveniently into the center console of the lectern, and is discreetly masked by the cloth grille attached to the lectern front. The amplifier and speakers offer high headroom and are enhanced by limiter protection circuitry, which minimizes distortion and helps to increase intelligibility . The sound system is supported by both rechargeable batteries and AC power, and the battery charger is installed.

The LKLIB offers value, flexibility and durability at an attractive price point, for schools, institutions and businesses.


Liberty battery-powered sound system (LIB-6000)

Solid oak top with oak laminate center console

Electret microphone (requires phantom power) mounted on detachable 18" gooseneck

Tilt-n-roll casters for easy transport

Mic cable with XLR connector routed to center console for easy access

Connects to your PA via the XLR jack



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6 Years