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Denon AVR-988P Premium Surround Sound Amplifier

By: Denon

Denon AVR-988P Premium Surround Sound Amplifier featuring Dolby TrueHD, dts-HD Master Audio and HD Video

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A/V Surround Receiver featuring Dolby TrueHD, dts-HD Master Audio and HD Video that enhances your level of entertainment enjoyment.

Key Features

The Latest HD Audio and Video Support

• Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD Master Audio decoders
• Deep Color up to 36-bit and xvYCC broader color space support
• HDMI1.3a inputs/output that handle HD audio and video signals

Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit, D.D.S.C.-HD

• Discrete Devices for ultimate performance in each block
• Dual New 32-bit floating point DSP
• Master clock design for more accurate processing and less jitter noise
• AL24 Plus processing provides more dynamic range

Latest Version MultEQ XT

• New tower type microphone for more accurate measuring
• Up to eight measurement points
• New filtering ALFC (Adaptive Low Frequency Correction) for higher resolution processing in low frequency band.

HD Video Circuit

• Discrete devices for ultimate HD video performance in each block
• Faroudja DCDi Video Processing
• Analog video to HDMI scaling up to 1080p
• 1080p video pass through
• 12-bit/216-MHz video encoder and decoder with

New Chassis Construction for Clear Audio and Video Signal

• Minimum signal path design
• Direct Mechanical Ground for stable drive
• Separate unit design

Digital Media Connectivity

• Network Audio/Photo Ready (optional ASD-3N/3W)
• iPod Audio/Photo and Video playback (optional ASD-1R/3N/3W)
• XM Ready

Compressed Audio Restorer

Denon's new audio technology for MP3/WMA/AAC compressed audio formats to reproduce higher frequency range and deeper bass sound.


• Auto set-up and Room EQ, featuring MultEQ XT from Audyssey
• Includes dedicated zone remote control unit
• Auto Lip Sync (HDMI 1.3a)
• New back panel layout


Multi-Zone Capability

• Two Zone multi-source capability
• Digital to analog conversion for multi-zone output
• Dual component outputs
• Remote in/out
• RS-232C control


State-of-the-art Denon Solutions for Maximizing Content Quality

• Indentical quality and power for all 7 channels, 110W x 7ch
• Digital / Analog separate windings
• Large-output power amp section and power supply configuration for stable high-power output
• Stable power supply for high-quality sound and picture playback
• 24-bit/192-kHz D/A converter for all channels
• Pure Direct mode, for the enjoyment of music in high-quality sound
• Variable subwoofer crossover switching
• Pre-amp with Variable Gain Volume

Other Features

• 3 Quick Select Buttons
• Auto Surround Back Channels ON function, for auto-detection of supporting sources
• Auto Surround mode
• Audio Delay function (max. 6 frames or 200 msec)
• Night Mode for neighbor friendly listening
• Muting level settings (Full/-40dB/-20dB)
• Audio Level Memory, capable of correcting different signal levels for each input device
• Volume Level Limiter, for setting maximum volume levels
• Power-ON Volume Level Memory
• EL programmable remote control unit

Fully Discrete, Equal Power Seven Amplifier Channels

Digital interface receiver supporting 24-bit/192 kHz signals

HDMI digital video interface supporting high-quality video

of 1080P

Video Up/Down conversion capable of output to HDMI

ASD-1R iPod Control Dock (option): Supports iPod playback when connected to the AVR-987P

XM Satellite Radio Ready with optional 'Connect and Play' antenna



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