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Fender Passport Wireless Handheld System (UHF)

Fender Passport Wireless Handheld System (UHF)

Fender Passport Wireless Handheld System (UHF)

By: Fender

Fender Passport Wireless Handheld System (UHF) Includes Handheld Microphone and Receiver

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The ultimate in convenience for the ultimate in portable sound systems!  A 16-channel UHF frequency agile wireless hand-held system.  Just connect the custom designed docking receiver into any P-80, PD-150, PD-150 PLUS, PD-250, PD-250 PLUS or PD-500, pop a 9-volt battery into the included hand-held transmitter and away you go!  No wires, antennas or ugly wall-warts to fuss with.  Just what you would expect from the creators of Passport!


Description High Quality UHF Wireless Microphone and Receiver System
Series Passport Wireless
Dimensions N/A
Weight N/A
Covering N/A
Power Output N/A
Input Power N/A
Features * 1 Hand Held Wireless UHF Cardioid Microphone/Transmitter
* UHF Receiver is Built in to the "Docking" Unit Which Mounts Inside the Storage Compartment
* Power, Audio and Antenna Connections are Built into the Docking Unit
* Specialized "Tone-Key" System Locks the Receiver to the Transmitter
* Passport System Automatically Mutes When the Microphone is Off or Out of Range



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