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Anchor Audio LIB-BP Liberty Platinum Basic Package PA with Wireless Mic

Anchor Audio LIB-BP Liberty Platinum Basic Package PA with Wireless Mic

Anchor Audio LIB-BP Liberty Platinum Basic Package PA with Wireless Mic

By: Anchor Audio, Inc.

The Liberty Basic Package (LIB-BP) includes the most popular, portable sound system on the market. These systems come with one built-in 16 channel wireless receiver, your choice of wireless mic, a speaker stand, and a mini cable to plug in an external audio source.

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Price: $2,040.00

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6 Years



The Liberty Platinum Basic Package LIB-BP from Anchor Audio is a powerful portable PA system that operates on an internal rechargeable battery, or on AC power. It features 1 built-in wireless microphone receiver, and your choice of a wireless microphone. It also features multiple inputs for wired microphones, and a built-in MP3 player. A tripod speaker stand is included that raises the system up to ear level for optimal performance. It's an easy to transport PA system that sets up quickly.

The Liberty system was designed to be a great sounding PA system that anyone can use without training. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts 6-8 hours on a singe charge. There is a charging LED bar indicator, and two universal microphone jack inputs on the back. It also has a "Voice Over" music ducking feature. Use it for schools, corporate events, sports, places of worship, and more!

The built-in MP3 player features an SD Card slot, a USB port, and a mini-plug input. You can save some MP3 files on an SD Card, load it into the slot, and play them from the Liberty. You can set the songs to repeat, and activate a "ducking" feature that will fade down the music when you speak into a microphone, and fade it back up when you stop speaking. This system is covered by a 6 year warranty, and has been fine-tuned over the past 20 years to be the ultimate solution for a user-friendly portable PA.


SS-550 speaker stand

Choice of WH-6000 wireless handheld mic or WB-6000 belt pack transmitter

Choice of wireless handsfree microphone (for WB-6000 belt pack), CM-60 Collar Mic, EM-TA4F

UltraLite Mic, HBM-TA4F headband mic, or LM-60 lapel mic

Choose LIB-7500MU1 speaker with built-in MP3 player and one wireless receiver or LIB-7500CU1 speaker with built-in CD player and one wireless receiver



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6 Years