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Crestron DMCO-88 DigitalMedia™ Switcher Output Cards

Crestron DMCO-88 DigitalMedia™ Switcher Output Cards

Crestron DMCO-88 DigitalMedia™ Switcher Output Cards

By: Crestron

4 DM 8G+ w/2 HDMI Output Card for DM-MD8X8 & DM-MD32X32, 4K Support

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The DMCO series is a family of output cards for Crestron® DigitalMedia™ Matrix Switchers. A complete selection of cards is offered to allow numerous combinations of DigitalMedia, HDBaseT®, HDMI®, H.264 streaming, and analog audio outputs on a single switcher chassis. The DM-MD8X8 accepts up to two DMCO cards, with up to four outputs per card, for a total of 8 possible outputs. The DM-MD16X16 accepts up to two DMCO cards, with up to eight outputs per card, for a total of 16 possible outputs. Finally, the DM-MD32X32 accepts up to eight DMCO cards, with up to four outputs per card, for a total of 32 possible outputs.

DigitalMedia™ Outputs

DigitalMedia (DM®) outputs are offered in five types — DM Fiber, DM CAT, DM 8G® Fiber, DM 8G Single-Mode Fiber, and DM 8G+™. Each type of DM is available in pairs of two completely independent outputs. An HDMI output is also provided in parallel with every odd-numbered DM output (excluding DM Fiber), providing a supplemental connection for feeding a centralized audio processor or display device via HDMI while simultaneously driving a remote display device via DM.

DM Fiber and DM CAT represent the first generation of DigitalMedia, while DM 8G Fiber, DM 8G Single-Mode Fiber, and DM 8G+ are the latest generation. DM 8G provides a true one-wire transport for moving high-definition video, audio, and Ethernet over low-cost twisted-pair or fiber optic cable without any compression or repeaters. Engineered for ultra high-bandwidth and ultimate scalability, DM 8G handles uncompressed video beyond high-definition, with support for HDCP, Deep Color, and 3D. Audio capabilities include simultaneous stereo and multichannel surround sound signals, with support for high-bitrate 7.1 audio formats like Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio™ as well as uncompressed linear PCM.

HDBaseT® Certified

DM 8G+ outputs are also compatible with HDBaseT, allowing a DM switcher to connect directly to HDBaseT compliant devices without requiring any DM receivers. Crestron DM 8G+ technology is designed using HDBaseT Alliance specifications, ensuring interoperability with third-party HDBaseT products.

4K Ultra HD

4K Ultra HD and 4K DCI video resolutions are supported via DM 8G+, HDBaseT, and HDMI outputs using “Type 8” DM 8G+ output cards.

H.264 Streaming

High-performance H.264 streaming capability enables enterprise-wide distribution of HD content over an IP network. Streaming expands the capabilities of DM to remove all distance limitations and allow distribution to virtually any device — anywhere in the world. Streaming is an essential component of any complete DM system, allowing for high-definition signal routing to Crestron touch screens, digital signage displays, remote buildings, and global offices without requiring any new or dedicated wiring. Large-scale streaming to computers and mobile devices can be facilitated through integration with a streaming media system such as Wowza® or Kaltura®.

DigitalMedia with streaming affords the ability to distribute any combination of sources to virtually any device anywhere. Each streaming output supports resolutions up to HD 1080p at bitrates up to 25 Mbps. Built-in scaling enables fast, trouble-free switching between sources of any type or resolution. Audio support includes stereo signals, as well as multichannel audio signals down-mixed to stereo via a DM switcher input card with DSP. High-quality video and audio is maintained using high-performance H.264 video and AAC audio compression. The encoded video and audio can be output as independent RTP streams or encapsulated in an MPEG-TS (MPEG-2 Transport Stream) container. HDCP management ensures that protected content cannot be distributed via streaming.

Each streaming output is actually fed internally by two separate switcher outputs, allowing any two input sources to appear picture-in-picture or side-by-side in a single stream. Instant, single-frame switching between two full screen images is also possible. The audio signals from both input sources can also be mixed, allowing both signals to be heard simultaneously.

DigitalMedia provides many deployment options to address a wide range of streaming applications and accommodate each organization's specific IT requirements. DM with streaming supports both unicast and multicast, with or without RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol). Streaming connections can be configured to stream directly to one or more specific IP addresses, or to use RTSP to manage the configuration of numerous connections automatically. Any streaming output may be configured to stream via the DM switcher's LAN port or via a dedicated "CONTENT LAN" port, allowing the option to combine control and content on a single network or isolate them onto separate networks.

HDMI® and Analog Audio Outputs

For applications that do not require a long-distance wiring or streaming solution, pairs of dedicated HDMI outputs are offered. Each HDMI output is accompanied by a balanced analog stereo audio output, making any 2-channel audio signal available to feed an analog audio mixer, processor, or amplifier.

NOTE: DMCO cards for the DM-MD8X8 and DM-MD32X32 are field-installable, allowing output configurations to be customized and changed at any time. DMCO cards for the DM-MD16X16 must be installed by a Crestron-authorized technician, and new DM-MD16X16 switchers are shipped with the desired DMCO output card(s) installed.



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