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Magenta Research 2620063-01 MultiView II DVI-Tx Video and Audio DVI Transmitter

By: Magenta Research

The MultiView II DVI-Tx Video and Audio DVI Transmitter from Magenta Research is a video transmitter compatible with all MultiView products. It is designed to extend a DVI video signal over a standard CAT5 cable. The DVI-Tx accepts a digital 1080p DVI-D video input and converts the signal to a 1080p analog signal for use with MultiView receivers.

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3 Years

MultiView goes digital with the Magenta Research MultiView II DVI Transmitter! Until now, Magenta’s world renowned MultiView Series operated exclusively in the analog domain, but the introduction of the MultiView II DVI Transmitter opens up even more possibilities for the switching, distribution and extension of video, audio and serial signals over UTP cable. This product accepts a digital 1080p DVI-D video input

Best of all, the MultiView II DVI-TX is fully compatible with Magenta’s Mondo Matrix UTP-based switching platform, enabling digital signals to be infused into both new and existing Mondo-based projects. This ability adds even more adaptability to a switching system that can be configured in increments of 16 inputs/outputs, from 16x16 all the way to 256x512.

The MultiView II DVI-TX features a local DVI monitor-output and a series of external buttons to enable users to easily configure various DDC, sync and fourth-pair (on DVI-TX base model only) modes of operation.

For maximum performance, widescreen resolutions (1280x720/720p and 1920x1080/1080p) are recommended for use with the MultiView DVI Transmitter



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3 Years