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AmpliVox Sound Systems Wireless Presidential Plus Lectern System (Mahogany)

AmpliVox Sound Systems Wireless Presidential Plus Lectern System (Mahogany)

By: AmpliVox

The AmpliVox Presidential Plus Lectern is a handsome, integrated lectern with a built-in sound system and rugged design. The lectern features a powerful 50 watt amplifier that drives two built-in Jensen speakers for a rich sound that projects to audiences of up to 1,500 people.

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6 Year Limited Warranty

The mahogany Presidential Plus Lectern with Sound System and Wireless 16 Channel UHF Single Over-Ear Headset Electret Mic Kit from AmpliVox Sound Systems features a wireless sound system, and is made from 3/4" melamine with protective T-molding and rounded corners. Sound for an audience of approximately 1500 people, or a 15,000 sq. ft room, is provided by an AmpliVox SW805A 50 watt multimedia stereo amplifier with built-in 16 channel UHF receiver.

Included with this system is a wireless 16 channel UHF lapel/headset mic kit with transmitter and receiver that leaves you hands free for your presentation or note taking. The lapel mic comes with a clip that allows the mic to be hidden under your jacket or shirt. A cable runs down to the bodypack transmitter that is placed in a pocket or clipped to your belt. It works with frequencies of 584 to 608 MHz. The headset mic also connects to the transmitter and offers practical uses that a lapel mic doesn't. The headset is generally located about an inch or two from your mouth, while the lapel mic can be 4 to 6" away. The headset is more suited to speakers who move around while the lapel mic is preferred for a sit down interview. Both mics have an effective range of approximately 300'.

Additionally, there are connections to use an optional second wireless mic kit. The mic kit uses two included "AA" batteries, while power to the amplifier is via 10 "D" batteries (sold separately) or an optional 120VAC adapter. Talk time is approximately 200 hours with fresh batteries. Two built-in 6x8" Jensen speakers are vertically oriented in the lectern. Two extra speaker jacks allow you to use 4 additional satellite speakers (sold separately) using an optional Y-connector. The lectern also includes a fixed dynamic gooseneck mic that will allow two people to work at the same time.

Additionally, there are connections to use an optional second wireless mic kit. The amp also features 3 inputs for dynamic, condenser with phantom power and wireless mics that can be used simultaneously. A line out jack for a tape recorder allows you to record your presentation in real time. There's an auxiliary input stereo jack with separate volume and tone controls for a CD player, tape player or LCD projector.

There are two rear shelves for collateral material. The slanted 25" reading surface of the Presidential Plus is constructed with stops that prevent your material from slipping off. Four hidden casters, two lockable, provide ease of movement. The unit ships fully assembled.


  • For audiences up to 1,500 people
  • 50W Multimedia stereo amplifier with built-in 16 channel wireless UHF receiver
  • Select lapel, headset, or handheld wireless mic
  • 2 Built in Jensen design speakers
  • Hot Gooseneck Dynamic Mic
  • Power up to 200 hours with 10 D-cell alkaline batteries
  • 4 Casters (2 lock). 2 large storage shelves
  • Select Mahogany or Medium Oak



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6 Year Limited Warranty