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Revolabs 01-HDHYBXLR-11 HD Hybrid XLR Adapter for Gooseneck Microphones

By: Revolabs

HD Hybrid XLR Adapter for Gooseneck Microphones

Price: $408.00

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The Revolabs HD Hybrid XLR Adapter allows for the easy installation of Gooseneck microphones in any room without having to run audio wires. Any dynamic Gooseneck microphone (sold separately) with an XLR connection can now be connected to a Revolabs Hybrid XLR adapter for audio coverage. The Hybrid XLR adapter makes it easy to equip a boardroom, podium, training room, or other space with gooseneck microphones without the hassle of adding an additional audio wire to the room.

High Audio Quality

Wideband frequency response provides high-definition audio delivering spoken word clarity

RF-Armor - No GSM Interference

Impervious to GSM noise from other wireless electronic devices

Utilizes DECT Protocol

Protected against future radio frequency changes