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Draper 103037 Access Case for Projection Screen 1873/4in

Draper 103037 Access Case for Projection Screen 1873/4in

Draper 103037 Access Case for Projection Screen 1873/4in

By: Draper

What if you know you want a ceiling-recessed projection screen, but you don't know what projector (or projectors) will be used? Therefore, you don't know the optimum size or aspect ratio of the screen, the optimum screen surface or whether tab tensioning is required. No problem with the Access, order the case now. Just make sure it's large enough to accept the largest screen you think you may need. Order the projection screen later, after the projector decision is made. The Draper Access Case may be ordered in advance of the screen or alone. You can select, order, and install the desired Access Series projection screen at any later date.

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Key Features:

  • Hanging brackets slide in channels on top of the case, allowing unlimited adjustment to avoid interference with conflicting building structures
  • Since both brackets are movable, the screen can always be centered in the case, regardless of case size
  • A pre-wired junction box inside (left end standard), and cable exit holes on top
  • "Pin connector" electrical connection of projection screen to junction box eliminates tools
  • Flange supports ceiling tile or trims the opening of any type of ceiling
  • Bottom of case forms a slot for fabric passage and is removable without tools for installation or replacement of screen
  • The projection screen (viewing surface attached to roller) comes with easy-to-install roller brackets; These slide along a track inside the top of the case and may be locked in place at any point so the case can accommodate different sizes of screens
  • A large case allows for nearly unlimited flexibility



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