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Draper 103035 Access Case for Projection Screen 176in

Draper 103035 Access Case for Projection Screen 176in

By: Draper

Access Case

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Case is finished white. Back, top and front are made of extruded aluminum. Endcaps are made of stamped steel. Bottom panels form slot for passage of viewing surface, easily removable for access. Symmetrical case to allow for left or right-hand motor location (if motorized) and for viewing surface to unroll from the back or front of the roller.

Cases to include bottom flange for trim around edge of ceiling opening. Case may be mounted with 3/8" threaded rod at ends or along length with lag screws through brackets or with wire in a grid ceiling.

Mounting brackets slide in channels on top of case allowing brackets to be moved to avoid interference with conflicting building structures. Brackets lock in position by tightening set screws.

Case to include internal junction box allowing it to be installed and wired to building supply wires at an early stage of construction. Junction box to have plug-in style connector accepting the mating half of the connector from the motorized roller/fabric assembly.



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