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Canon WX520 Installation LCOS Projector

By: Canon

The REALiS WX520 Pro AV Compact Installation LCOS Projector features high performance WXGA+ (1440x900) resolution and a lightweight (13 lbs), compact (13.3" x 4.6" x 16.9") design

Price: $3,849.00

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The REALiS WX520 Pro AV LCoS Projector from Canon offers native WXGA+ (1440 x 900) resolution, 5200 lumens and a contrast ratio of 2000:1 for clear imaging. This projector features Canon's AISYS-enhanced LCoS technology and its powered lens shift can be used either vertically or horizontally.

The projector supports a 16:10 aspect ratio display of imagery from laptop and desktop computers - and from Blu-ray players and other HD sources. This projector is full of features such as 4-point keystone adjustment, digital and physical lens shift, exacting image detail adjustments, and controls, which combine with the fixed F-stop of its Canon lens to project anything you want.

A host of multimedia functions including USB memory input, JPEG support and a built-in 5W speaker makes the REALiS ideal for all your presentation sources.


5200 Lumens

Project a bright image in a variety of lighting situations thanks to the 5200 lumens rating of the REALiS. Even in power saver mode, the REALiS delivers a powerful 4000 lumens. This, combined with a 2000:1 contrast ratio, means that your audiences will see deep blacks and sharp detail

Native WXGA+ Resolution (1440 x 900)

The native WXGA+ (1440 x 900) resolution of the REALiS delivers projection of video and fine detail in still images. The 16:10 aspect ratio of WXGA+ gives the REALiS versatility for graphics and data presentation

AISYS-Enhanced LCoS Technology

The REALiS features Canon's Aspectual Illumination System, AISYS 5.0. AISYS works to maximize those image aspects in a compact design by improving contrast through the convergence of light from the source

Lens Quality

The projector's lens maintains f2.8 throughout its focal length, virtually eliminating any brightness fall off throughout the entire zoom range. You will find a host of image processing features built into the REALiS to help maximize system performance. The 4-point keystone adjustment provides more precise keystoning and a wider range of choices for diagonal projection. The projector's integrated micro digital lens shift allows for pixel precise adjustment of image position in addition to the physical lens shift. The included edge blending brings multi-projector imaging with an easy to use processor equipped with precision luminance ramp adjustment and pixel overlap control. Low TV distortion (0.1%) lenses mean clean, uniform edge blends both horizontally and vertically. True image calibration capability means maximum image quality directly in normally accessible menus

Various Multimedia Functions

Advanced multimedia functions include simultaneous Picture-by-Picture HDMI and DVI split-screen display and built-in edge blending with easy integration adjustment. It is also possible to use the REALiS without a PC, thanks to the built-in USB memory stick slot and pre-installed JPEG image file support. The built-in 5W speaker allows audio playback without an external audio component

Flexible Installation Options

The construction of the REALiS provides a heat management system with a flat top and bottom for flexible placement. Optional feet (not included) can also be installed on the top of the projector for inverted ceiling type mounts. Two units can be easily stacked, still fitting in a compact space while doubling light output.
The REALiS can also be placed vertically pointing upward or downward with no ill effects for table type configurations. The long life (12,000 hour) filter system addresses concerns about frequent filter changes, and a built-in test pattern makes configuration simpler without requiring a pattern generator or PC

Network Management Capability

The REALiS boasts the capability for true network management with a range of features, including full control over IP. The onboard LAN port allows for power management, usage tracking and control for up to 250 projectors on a network. Integrated Crestron RoomView support is also provided.
Another key network feature is the content streaming capability. Without dedicated software, one or more PCs can connect to the REALiS over a standard LAN to share content. The system has a built-in processor to show up to four different screens simultaneously. This can be done within a room, or in multiple locations, simplifying installation

Quiet Operation

Not only will the REALiS take up less space, it will also be a quiet companion to your presentation, with a low fan noise rating of 38dB, going down to 32dB in Power Saver mode. Your audiences will be totally concentrated on what they see and only on what you want them to hear

Compact Design

Its convenient size means you can do multi-projector installations in places you never thought possible before. The light weight helps make securely mounting the REALiS easier, and changing locations as needed less burdensome

Native WXGA+ Resolution (1440 x 900)

16:10 aspect ratio

5200 Lumens

Limited Warranty

Quiet Operation

Compact Design



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Throw Ratio:

1.43 - 2.57:1



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