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15-pin HD, 3.5mm Stereo Audio & 3 RCA Hydra Multi-Head Plenum Cable 35 ft

By: Kramer Electronics

15-pin HD 3.5mm + 3 RCA Molded (Straight ) to Backshell (45°)

Price: $81.25

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15-pin HD 3.5mm + 3 RCA Molded (Straight ) to Backshell (45°)

Quality Construction - Hybrid construction using molded and back shell connectors is unique to Kramer.

Plenum Rating - CP versions of Multi?Head are constructed from CL2P and CMP rated cable containing six high?resolution mini coaxes and 2 shielded pairs.

Newly Updated - Slim connectors with shallow depth profile are top priority in the new XL generation. At the same time, aesthetics are even nicer than before, using elegant molded connectors at one end where it is typically connected to a projector, and an

Flexible Applications - Use the 15?pin HD, 3.5mm stereo, and 3 RCAs for any combination of VGA, video and audio signals. The mini connector may also support remote control in some cases. The RCAs are typically used for composite video and L/R audio, but ca

Companion Wall Plate - Designed as the perfect fit with the WAV?5 wall plate.

Cable Specs - For detailed specs, see Kramer BCP?6X2T bulk cable. Note that the 15?pin HD portion only passes RGBHV so there is no ID/DDC support.

Varied Selection of Lengths - Available in versions of 0.9 to 45.7m (6, 10, 15, 25, 35, 50, 75, 100, 125 and 150ft).





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