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5 Mini Coax High-Resolution Solid Core Bulk Plenum Cable 500 ft

By: Kramer Electronics

5 Mini-Coax Solid Core 25 AWG Plenum Cable

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5 Mini-Coax Solid Core 25 AWG Plenum Cable

Plenum Rated - The low smoke and fire resistant properties of plenum rated cable allow it to reside in air return spaces of ceilings, floors, and walls, often saving the cost of installing conduit.

Quality Construction - Each mini coax is a precision system consisting of a solid 25AWG center conductor and foamed FEP dielectric surrounded by aluminum Mylar foil and tinned copper spiral shields. A white stripe in the jacket makes it easy to distinguish

Numerous Applications - The most common application is routing RGBHV signals in pro AV systems but BCP?5X?SOLID also offers excellent performance with any combination of component or composite video, and/or unbalanced audio.

New Generation One-Piece Connectors - For quickest assembly use Kramer linear compression and stripper coax tools.

Varied Selection of Length - Available in reels of 75/150/300m (246/492/984ft)



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