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Kramer TP-210 1:10 VGA over Twisted-Pair Distribution Amp w/ Dual VGA Outputs

Kramer TP-210 1:10 VGA over Twisted-Pair Distribution Amp w/ Dual VGA Outputs

By: Kramer Electronics

The TP-210 is a high-performance distribution amplifier for computer graphics video signals with-resolutions up to and exceeding UXGA.

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The TP-210 1:10 Computer Graphics Video over Twisted-Pair Transmitter with Dual 15-pin HD Outputs from Comprehensive/Kramer is a high-performance distribution amplifier designed for use with computer-graphics video signals ranging in resolution from VGA through UXGA and higher. It features (1) twisted-pair input and (10) twisted-pair outputs. It also includes (2) computer-graphics outputs on 15-pin HD connectors for local monitoring. This unit is well suited for long-range graphics distribution in schools, hospitals, security systems, and stores, among other possible multimedia applications.

The system offers transmission distances of up to 300'. It can be used with UPT or STP Ethernet cable. This device works with the proprietary Power Connect System, a feature that requires only one unit in a group of interconnected components to be attached to an electrical source to power all units. It has been designed for standalone or rackmount placement. Use of this unit requires the purchase of a separate paired receiver.

Max. Resolution - WUXGA & 1080p

HDTV Compatible

Twisted Pair Connector - RJ-45

Twisted Pair Outputs - Requires a computer graphics video Twisted Pair receiver to convert the Twisted Pair signal back into a computer graphics video signal

Sync Polarity Settings - H & V switches for improved HDTV compatibility with the CAT 5 outputs

System Range (Twisted Pair) - Up to 100 meters (300')

Cable (Twisted Pair) - UTP (unshielded twisted pair) such as CAT 5

Power Connect System - Only the transmitter needs to be connected to a power source

Standard 19" Rack Mount Size - 1RU



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7 Years