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Kramer RC-74DL 12 Button Master Room Controller

Kramer RC-74DL 12 Button Master Room Controller

Kramer RC-74DL 12 Button Master Room Controller

By: Kramer Electronics

The RC-74DL is a 12-button master room controller with a digital volume knob for multimedia rooms.

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7 Years

The RC-74DL 12?Button Master Room Controller from Kramer is ideal for controlling multimedia rooms, such as classrooms, auditoriums, conference rooms, and so on, while enabling remote control and management of AV equipment.

The RC-74DL is a highly versatile, 3 gang US, master room controller that acts as an all-in-one extended remote control panel for control of AV equipment. It streamlines operations and simplifies control by integrating audio, video, and computer-video sources into a centralized system.

12 Programmable Buttons - 3 groups; color, back-lit & label capable.

Configurable Digital Volume Control Knob.

Programmable Back-Lit LCD Group Labels.

Macro Capability - Carries out multiple commands with a single press of a button.

Command Banks - Each button offers multiple layers of functions for alternate behavior, toggle functionality, and more.

1 USB Port - For programming.

3 Bidirectional RS-232 Ports - Controls AV equipment such as projectors, LCD and PDP displays, power amplifiers, switchers and scalers.

2 IR Outputs - Additional control port for AV equipment.

IR Learning Function - Learns commands from IR remotes.

4 Contact Closure Ports - Conveniently control other room items related to the AV system such as raising and lowering drapes, the screen or the projector.

2 GPI/O Ports - General purpose I/O ports that can be configured by K-Config as digital inputs, digital outputs or analog inputs for interfacing with a variety of devices such as sensors, switches, LEDs, or relays.

2 K-NET Connectors - Connect to other control panels or a central control processor.

K-NET Control Channel - Provides power and control data to the wall plate controllers over a single cable.

Kramer Site-CTRL Compatible - For network remote control and management using Kramer Site-CTRL software over the Ethernet port.

Configured with Kramer K-Config Software.

Dimensions - 16.2cm x 2.6cm x 11.4 (6.4" x 1.0" x 4.5") W, D, H.

Wall Plate Size - 3 gang US. Available in white, black, gray and brushed aluminum.



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7 Years