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Hall Research EMX-DVI Single & Dual Link DVI Extender w/ EDID Mgmt

Hall Research EMX-DVI Single & Dual Link DVI Extender w/ EDID Mgmt

By: Hall Research

The EMX-DVI automatically compensates for the signal degradation caused by long video cable runs of up to 50 ft (15 m) on its input and can drive long DVI Cables on its output to 40 ft (12 m) by boosting and echo-canceling the DVI video output.

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2 Years

EMX-DVI automatically compensates for signal degradation in long cables. Input cable length can be up to 50 ft (15 m), and the unit can drive long DVI Cables on its output to 40 ft (12 m) by boosting the DVI video output.

The DDC channel (for EDID and HDCP) can either be bypassed through the EMX-DVI (source “sees” the connected LCD), or Emulated, where the EDID is supplied from internal EDID memory in the EMX-DVI. When EDID is Emulated  HDCP is turned off (forcing the source to send non-content protected video without HDCP). Using the learn button, you can copy and store EDID from any HDMI or DVI LCD in to the internal EDID memory of the EMX-DVI.

By default, the unit is configured to buffer single link DVI or HDMI signals. Using a pushbutton its mode can be changed to support Dual link TMDS signals.

The unit provides driver free USB 1.1 port connection to a PC. Free Windows™ PC software available on the website, allows reading, saving, manipulating, and writing EDID tables to and from the device. The EMX-DVI modes (Bypass vs. Emulate or Single-Link vs Dual-Link buffer) are also controllable via the USB port.

When configured for Single Link extension, often the unit can operate from the power available through the DVI source signal and no external power supply connection is required. The unit ships with a universal power supply to use if the power through the DVI input is insufficient. The power can also come from the USB connector on a PC. The Emulated (internal) EDID data can be acquired from any connected LCD (using LEARN function), or a custom EDID file can be uploaded via the USB port. In addition to the above, the unit provides DVI-I bypass for analog RGBHV (or VGA) signals, so it can manage EDID for VGA sources and displays using inexpensive VGA to DVI cables or adapters.

Using free Hall Research Windows™ software, you will be able to read and save EDID data from any display. Edit the EDIDs using 3rd party free software.


Extend and boost DVI video to 90 ft.

Pass-through EDID or emulate any LCD

Can Learn and store EDID from any Display

Can disable HDCP for some content

Analog VGA pass-through

USB port for control and mgmt of EDID

Can be powered from DVI input or external power supply (included)

Supports Single and Dual-Link DVI, HDMI, CEC & 3D Video

Designed and made in USA



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2 Years