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Hall Research AD-340 Universal Audio Delay Processor

By: Hall Research

The AD-340 is an audio delay processor with universal analog (L/R) and digital (SPDIF) inputs and outputs.

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2 Years

The AD-340 is an audio delay processor with universal analog (L/R) and digital (SPDIF) inputs and outputs. Both outputs are simultaneously active, enabling conversion between analog stereo audio to LPCM or vice versa. Delay time can be specified in milliseconds, frames, or distance depending on the application. Analog inputs provide +/- 24 db of gain for direct connection of low level mic as well as handling 2vrms line-level signals. The AD-340's digital I/O support 2-channel linear PCM, 5.1 Channel Dolby Digital, and DTS Surround encoded bitstreams at any sampling rate from 32KHz to 96KHz.

For advanced control, the AD-340 connects to a PC via USB (cable included). No special USB drivers are needed and Hall Research provides a free software configuration utility available for download below. Advanced settings include:

  • Selection of Sample Rate for Analog input
  • Display of Sample Rate and Audio Format (LPCM, Dolby, DTS, DTS-CD)
  • Adjustment for: mSec, Feet, Meters, Frames (both 50 and 60 Hz)
  • Temperature compensation of delay needed for a given distance¬†
  • SPDIF input phase lock, and integrity indication
  • Choice for Auto-mute of Analog output when changes are being made
  • Gain control of analog input and outputs
  • Power status display and control (On / Standby)
  • Ability to connect and control multiple devices from one PC (with user specified names stored in each)
  • Front Panel Lock control so adjustments cannot be changed inadvertently

Delay analog or digital audio in milliseconds, frames, or distance

Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog conversion

Supports CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray sample rates at 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48 kHz and 96kHz

Supports 2-channel linear PCM digital audio and 5.1 Channel Dolby Digital and DTS encoded bitstreams

Delay up to 510 ms

Delay calculation based on distance with optional automatic temperature compensation

Stereo Analog RCA inputs are ground loop isolated to prevent spurious buzz or hum

USB interface for advanced control



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2 Years