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GigaTest-Eandtrade; 10/100/1000 Cable Checker

By: C2G

Takes seconds to verify compatibility of ethernet network cabling and devices; for cable installations up to 656 feet.

Price: $60.52

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1 Year

In just seconds, the GIGAtest-E verifies compatibility of network cabling and network devices as well as determines cabling faults. It is specifically designed to test the full range of ever-expanding ethernet cable configurations, and will determine if UTP/STP cables are wired straight-through, and if they are 10/100 BASE-T crossover or 1000 BASE-T crossover.The detachable remote unit enables cable testing for common wiring faults including opens, shorts or miswirings. With the remote detached, single person testing is enabled so an individual can test cables before or after installation. With its small form factor of 2in x 3in x 1in, this tester is compact, lightweight and is easy-to-use and easy to read. It can test cable installations up to 200 meters (656 feet).




1 Year