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ELMO iP-40SE Digital Visual Presenter


The Elmo IP-40SE Digital Visual Presenter is an ideal way to display educational or informational sources for classroom, boardroom or training room.

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The Elmo IP-40SE Digital Visual Presenter is an ideal way to display educational or informational sources for classroom, boardroom or training room.

At only 11 lb, the compact, portable IP-40SE's utilitarian exterior conceals a wealth of communication tools and is, in fact, a scanner, document camera and projector all rolled into one. Simply place a flat or solid object of any sort on the scanner surface and the 4.13 MP color CCD camera will project it onto screens or surfaces up to 300" diagonal. The 1-chip DLP color wheel with BrilliantColor is capable of displaying 16,770,000 colors at a crisp native resolution of 1024 x 768. Leave the lights on if you like; 2,500 ANSI lumens of illumination means that the IP-40SE is up to the challenge of bright rooms, thus facilitating note-taking and handling of presentation materials.
But that's just the beginning. Not only can projected images be added to the projector's memory (up to 100 images) for later use, but scroll, zoom, still and image rotation functions are possible. Furthermore, a host of projector functions like keystone correction as well as whiteboard and blackboard modes are built in. Like most projectors, the IP-40SE is a world citizen able to run on virtually any voltage and use any color system employed over the planet.
Finally, you can store scanned and projected data on an SD card via the built-in media slot or present display materials from others on the fly. 
For power, superior color reproduction, a multitude of features and PC-less presentation capability, the Elmo IP-40SE Digital Visual Presenter is hard to beat.
SD Cart Slot Equipped -
By storing the data in the SD card and inserting that SD card into the slot, a presentation can be started without having a PC. You are relieved of carrying a heavy laptop PC or from troublesome setup delays.
Built-in High Definition 4.13 million Pixel Document Camera -
By simply placing a document or a solid object on the glass surface of IP-40SE, a clear image can be projected onto a screen. Even the small letters of a magazine or a newspaper can be projected crisply and clearly.
Highest Color Reproduction -
BrilliantColor technology realizes a wider range of color reproduction and improves half tone brightness by employing a unique color processing algorithm and six-color wheel.
Projection of a PC Screen or Video -
Any PC can be connected regardless of the manufacturer or OS as long as an RGB output terminal is provided.
Various PC Linked Functions -
The system will boot up automatically by simply connecting the PC and IP-40SE using a USB cable. Software called "iP Viewer" enables capture of document camera images into the PC or writes them into presentation images.


Highest Color Reproducability using Brilliant Color™

4.13-Million-Pixel Document Camera

True XGA Compatibility

SD Card Slot

Scanner Function

Whiteboard Function

Data Saving Function







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1024 x 768



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