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Navitar 102MCZ125 NuView Zoom Lens for Sony FW300L/FH300

By: Navitar

Navitar 102MCZ1252.75-5.0" (70-125mm) NuView Zoom Lens for the Sony VPL-FW300L / VPL-FH300 Projector

Price: $3,723.20

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5 Years

Navitar’s102MCZ125high-resolution NuView lenses replacethe existing prime lens on a projector and allow the projector to be used in a variety of new applications. NuView lenses extend the range of the projector and produce brilliant images. NuView zoom lenses are able to handle a variety of distance and image size combinations. With a NuView zoom lens, the projector is now suitable for use in large classrooms, auditoriums, churches and meeting rooms.




5 Years