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Component Video Receiver Over CAT5 with Audio

By: Gefen

• Supports up to 1080p component video
• Supports analog L+R audio and multichannel digital Toslink or SPDIF
• No Loss of Quality
• Plug and play installation
• Equalizations for different CAT-5 skews

The product selected is no-longer available!

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The Gefen EXT-COMPAUD-141R extends your audio and Component video signals up to 1000 feet by receiving remote AV signals from our CAT5-connected base units, such as the 1:4 or 1:8 Component Audio CAT5 Distribution Amplifiers. The Component Audio Extender will extend Analog Component as well as Analog Audio or Digital Audio via SPDIF or TOSlink. All audio is transmitted digitally over the CAT-5e cable and both the analog and digital audio outputs are active on the receiver side. One of our 1:4 or 1:8 Component Audio CAT5 Distribution Amplifiers is placed at the source location. CAT5 cable is run from each output of the D.A. up to 1000 feet to a Component Video and Audio CAT5 Receiver. The receiver unit connects to your remote HDTV component video display and audio input(s). One CAT-5e cable is used to connect the sender to the receiver for perfect video extension up to 1080p. The sender and receiver both are powered individually by 5V power supplies. Note: Both analog and digital audio outputs are active on the receiver side when two-channel audio is used. If multi-channel audio is used then the analog audio output will be inactive.



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