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1x5 Composite Video & Audio DA, 19inch, Gain & EQ Control, 360 MHz

1x5 Composite Video & Audio DA, 19inch, Gain & EQ Control, 360 MHz

By: Comprehensive

• High Bandwidth - 360MHz. (- 3dB).
• Audio Level Control.
• Level (Gain) and EQ (Peaking) Controls.
• Video AC/DC Coupling Selection.
• Looping Inputs.
• Selectable Input Signal Termination.
• Standard 19inch Rack Mount Size - 1U.

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The Comprehensive CVG-5ARII is an ultra-high bandwidth, video and audio distribution amplifier designed pro-video, studio, and other applications where high-resolution composite video is needed. The CVG-5ARII splits a single composite video input source into five identical outputs with no discernible signal degradation.The CVG-5ARII is an extremely versatile distribution amplifier. The user can adjust the video gain and EQ control as well as audio L and R levels externally for maximum flexibility. The CVG-5ARII allows AC/DC video input coupling selection and has a video termination switch simplifying looping. It operates in audio-follow-video mode and has fully buffered stereo audio outputs as well as looping inputs for system extension.The CVG-5ARII utilizes state-of-the art circuitry for exceptionally clean, noise free signal distribution.The CVG-5ARII comes in a 19 inch rackmountable all-metal chassis for maximum durability. This unit is covered under a 7 year warranty. For maximum performance, always use Comprehensive premium High Resolution cables.



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