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Comprehensive X3A-2RCA25 XHD Stereo RCA Audio Cable 25 ft

Comprehensive X3A-2RCA25 XHD Stereo RCA Audio Cable 25 ft

By: Comprehensive

• eXtreme High Definition for unsurpassed audio reproduction
• 2 RCA Male to 2RCA Male
• Tightly twisted dual conductors for maximum rejection of EMI and RFI
• Superior frequency response and clarity
• 95% copper braid and 100% foil double shielding
• Nitrogen Gas Dielectric for low attentuation and superior signal transfer
• Polished Silver Center Conductor for Enhanced Detail
• 24k gold contact precision machined RCA connectors for maximum conductivity
• X-Traflex jacket reduces cable stress
• RoHS Compliant
• Lifetime Warranty

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Price: $55.99

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Comprehensive XHD eXtreme High Definition audio cables are designed specifically for for todays demanding audio applications to work with the latest source,display and surround sound stereo technologies including Dolby,THX,SACD and DVD Audio, Plasma, LCD, and DLP displays, digital satellite and cable receivers, DVR's, satellite radio, MP3 players, streaming audio, and more. XHD cables provide far superior audio definition and the purest, cleanest audio imaginable for today's professional and home theater systems. Comprehensive's NGD technology (nitrogen gas dielectric) provides maximum signal transfer even over long distances.

Hear what you have been missing with Comprehensive's X3A series stereo audio cables. X3A audio cables utilize 100% Oxygen Free Coppe solid conductor construction with dual balanced twisted conductors and a shield which enhances audio response. Tightly twisting our dual conductors and both a 95% braid and 100% foil shield allows for superior rejection of interference when compared to other so-called high performance audio cables. Premium 24k gold contacts with split center pin provide secure connectivity while our X-traflex jacket reduces cable stress and provides unsurpassed durability. The result is deeper bass, crisper highs, and enhanced spacial imaging. Lifetime Warranty.

When it has to work, it has to be Comprehensive!



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