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Comprehensive VGA15P-3RCA-25HR Pro Series VGA HD15 to 3 RCA M-M cable 25ft

Comprehensive VGA15P-3RCA-25HR Pro Series VGA HD15 to 3 RCA M-M cable 25ft

Comprehensive VGA15P-3RCA-25HR Pro Series VGA HD15 to 3 RCA M-M cable 25ft

By: Comprehensive

• HD15 Male to 3 RCA Male
• 26 Gauge high resolution, low loss construction
• 3 individually 95% tinned copper braid shielded coaxes
• 100% aluminum foil shield wrap provides extra coverage
• Low Profile Design for easy connecting in tight spaces
• Machined pins that stand up to 1,000?ÇÖs of connections
• Three color coded Haavy Duty Star Cut RCA connectors
• Molded strain relief for unsurpassed durability
• X-traflex jacket for easy installation
• UL and RoHS Compliant
• Lifetime Warranty

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Price: $47.99

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Comprehensive HR (High Resolution) Pro Series Cables are inchComprehensive Classicinch professional grade cables that provide excellent performance and value. That's why since 1974, they have been in use worldwide in stadiums, studios, stages, boardrooms, classrooms, schools, government installations and well, pretty much everywhere! HR Pro Series Cables cables are perfect for anyone looking for excellent quality at great price.

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations, there is no equal to Comprehensive HR Pro series HD15 VGA to Component cables. These HD15 male to 3 RCA cables are true high resolution construction with three individually 95% shielded 26 gauge coaxes for maximum signal transfer and high resolution video and graphics. The entire cable is then 100% shielded with a foil shield to eliminate EM and RF interference, even over long distances. A durable low profile mold provides maximum strain relief and durability. Comprehensive goes the extra mile with machined pins which ensures the strength of each pin, to make sure they do not bend or break as imitation cables often do. Comprehensive HR Pro series cables provide thousands of connections and a lifetime of worry free use. 3 Star Cut RCA connectors provide breakout of the component signal. UL and RoHS compliant. Lifetime Warranty.

When it has to work, it has to be Comprehensive!



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