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Hitachi FX63 Wired Interactive White Board

By: Hitachi

Hitachi's FX-63 StarBoard Wired Interactive whiteboard has a 63.0" diagonal image area and a durable, anti-glare steel-backed projection surface for both electronic and dry-erase writing.

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Hitachi's FX-63 StarBoard Wired Interactive Whiteboard has a 63.0" (160.02 cm) diagonal image area and a durable, anti-glare steel-backed projection surface for both electronic and dry-erase writing. The StarBoard lets you annotate presentations and run any software application projected onto the whiteboard from a connected computer. This system includes a wall mounting bracket and can connect to your computer using a regular USB 2.0 cable.

Touch a StarBoard button to summon special interactive functions, accessible through icons and cascading menus. Proprietary StarBoard software uses an intuitive pen-driven interface that is simple to use. You can even create your own custom toolbar for single-click access to functions.

FX Series whiteboards work with any LCD projector. They're available with USB 2.0 or wireless computer interfaces and range in size from 63.0-82.0".




All functions are easily accessible through pull down menus and less than three mouse clicks. Any function can also be made one-click accessible by adding it to the custom toolbar.

Data and Video Conferencing

The StarBoard supports data conferencing with up to 42 users on a local or wide area network (including the Internet) as well as personal videoconferencing. The Interactive Whiteboard supports the IEEE H.323 standard, so you can set up a meeting by connecting web cams and microphones for any two StarBoard users. Tight integration with commercial video conferencing systems lets you set up multiple remote teaching or conferencing sites quickly and easily. Even run multiple StarBoard sessions using different presentations or Windows applications simultaneously.

Annotate Almost Anything

You can freely annotate running video, animated web pages, or PowerPoint presentations. Switch between annotation mode and mouse mode freely without losing your notes or being forced to stop and save data. You can even capture partial window or full screen shots from either the Starboard's Object Management screen or Windows.

Video Annotation and Digital Device Control

Select any DirectX-compatible video file on your computer using the Video Annotation program and you can capture stills, mark up real time video, and annotate video images for later review. StarBoard software can also control your DV camera and other A/V devices through IEEE1394 (Firewire) connections. Send play, rewind, forward and slow motion commands directly from the StarBoard control palette.

Updated Software

Continuing new versions of Hitachi's StarBoard Software ensure that your investment will keep growing. Version 7.1 for Windows now offers deferred handwriting recognition, TWAIN image device support, an MSI Installer for network server deployment, and PJman projector control for switching input modes as well as powering a projector on or off.


The StarBoard can read and write Adobe Acrobat PDF files, and can view and print files from standard business applications including Microsoft Visio and Project. You can also save your live presentations for future use in HTML, JPEG, BMP, or PNG format. Jump back to any saved page during a presentation for easy review.

Versatile Electronic Pens and Inks

The StarBoard includes six different electronic ink styles, including new fill and 3D ink types when you write with the electronic pen. Three different pen types can be used interchangeably during a presentation: the standard annotation pen, the IntelliPen which converts freehand geometric objects to drafted objects, and a new Laser Ink pen that provides temporary annotations and highlights with any ink type.

Background Images

StarBoard provides a large library of useful backgrounds including blank colored screens, graph papers, sports fields, and music sheets that are perfect for sketching on. You can also import and use backdrops of your own.

Flexible Navigation

In addition to the usual page-by-page navigation through a presentation, you can choose to access your slides as a seamless scrolling page. The cover/uncover sheet function also provides two transparent layers for even more workspace. Progressively hide and show different annotations, objects, and backgrounds using each transparent layer.

Web Access

Turn your computer into a virtual web server and let associates or students review your presentations, notes, or research. Colleagues can access files saved in HTML format via the Internet or a LAN, using Internet Explorer or another standard web browser.

Handwriting Recognition

The Launcher toolbar now provides one-click access to SmartWriter handwriting recognition software. Toggle SmartWriter on or off, or use auto mode to automatically switch to handwriting recognition mode when a text input field is selected. SmartWriter works with any program using text input, such as Microsoft Word or Excel.

Spotlight and Magnifier Tools

StarBoard's spotlight tool lets you emphasize important areas of the screen and optionally magnify the highlighted image. You can tailor the size and shape of the spotlight along with the relative brightness of the background for the exact effect you want.

Timer Tool

An on-screen stopwatch or countdown timer is handy for pacing speeches, tests, or exercises and for keeping meetings on schedule








Weight (lbs):







5 Years