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Draper 106088 Access MultiView/E Motorized Projection Screen 115in

By: Draper

The Draper 45 x 105.75" Access Multiview/Series E Motorized Masking Projection Screen System: Ceiling Recessed - Non-Tensioned - 115" Diagonal - CinemaScope Format (2.35:1 Aspect Ratio); Masks to: 45 x 80" - 92" Diagonal - HDTV Format (16:9 Aspect Ratio) - (HC Grey) - This is a motorized projection screen with an independently motorized masking system installed in the same case for dual format projection. A flat black mask on a second motor-in-roller converts the screen to a 4:3 NTSC format by masking the right and left sides of the viewing surface. The height of the viewing surface remains constant. Both screen and masking system are independently controlled, each using any standard or optional control. Or, select AMV-C, a low voltage control that allows both motors to be controlled by independent 3-button switches in a single box.

Price: $1,990.30

Part No.





1 Year Limited

Key Features:

  • A motorized screen and independently motorized masking system that provides dual formats; one front projection screen, two formats
  • Select a projection screen in HDTV or WideScreen format
  • Motor-in-roller converts the screen to a NTSC video format by masking the right and left sides of the viewing surface
  • The height of the viewing surface remains constant
  • Depending on surface, available in sizes through 133" diagonal HDTV format or 136" diagonal WideScreen format
  • Available surfaces: Fiberglass Matt White, Glass Beaded, High Contrast Grey, AT Grey, AT1200




1 Year Limited