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Remote Controls and Input Devices including Keyboards and Computer Mice

Presentation remotes are designed to interact wirelessly with a computer or other piece of audiovisual equipment, giving a presenter the freedom to control the slideshow, without having to stand behind a lectern.

While some remotes are designed to work with specific presentation software suites, most are universal and can be used with both Apple and Windows computers. Some have customized buttons that can be programmed to send any key press to the computer. Presenters can use the remote to move through slides or control video playback.

A small receiver usually using a universal serial bus (USB) connector attaches to the computer. The presentation remote control sends signals to this receiver that act just like key presses from the keyboard.

A number of remotes come with additional features that make presentations even easier. For example, certain remotes include a built-in laser pointer, allowing a presenter to direct attention to a specific portion of the presentation. Other remotes utilize RF technology, eliminating the need for line-of-sight operation. This adds additional flexibility and allows the presenter to be facing a different direction and still have complete control.

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Showing 1-30 of 113 items