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Digital Signage Creates Advantages for Business

Thu 7, August 2014   Digital Signage

San Diego, CA — Digital signage is increasingly common, showing up in hotels, restaurants and other businesses. Companies are adopting the new technology because it offers more immediacy and flexibility in messaging than traditional signage, according to Jonathan Feld of Comsat AV, a commercial audiovisual company based in San Diego that sells digital signs. “Business owners like having the ability to display multiple messages and change them out as needed, instead of going out to a sign company for each individual message,” said Feld. “For example, a restaurant may want to display daily specials. That’s a lot easier with digital signage.” An additional benefit Feld adds is “Digital signs grab peoples attention. In the store front retail segment the ability to attract customers as they walk by is often the difference between a successful business and a failing one.”

Digital signs are also space savers, since a business can display all of its messages in one place, rather than having several different printed signs. “It’s much nicer aesthetic,” said Feld, “compared to the cluttered look you get when there are signs and banners everywhere.”

One of the first industries to embrace digital signage has been the hospitality industry. Displays are used to communicate with both customers and staff. From conference schedules and hotel channel guides, to information about tourist destinations and hotel services, hotels and conference centers often have multiple messaging needs. “Conferences are another ideal application for this product, because the schedules and room assignments often change on a daily basis,” says Feld.

Restaurants are another early adopter, using the technology primarily for advertising specials, new items, and general marketing messages. “Let’s say you have a happy hour and you want to let customers know you have a special signature cocktail that night or you’ve added two new appetizers that aren’t on the menu yet. Digital signage is perfect because it’s immediate. You don’t have to run out and print new menu inserts,” says Feld.

A growing market segment is real estate agencies. With digital signs, they have the ability to display multiple listings in waiting areas or windows. Another appealing aspect is that they are no longer limited to posting still photos, but can play videos that pan around the rooms of a home, giving potential buyers a more complete view of the property.

Feld says the dynamic content is a major selling point for many types of businesses. Not only do the signs display video, but they can also be set up to handle RSS feeds, Twitter and Facebook, and even run embedded JavaScript. “Our whole world has gone digital,” he says, “and digital signage allows us to keep our communication flowing seamlessly. It can be a huge boon for businesses.”