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Epson PowerLite Dual Projection System

Tue 26, February 2019   Projectors

When it comes to classes, most university students dread the boring slides and videos they have to study from for hours. With the Epson Dual Projection System, those days will finally come to an end. This extraordinary projector portrays ultra-bright 3D imagery. As a result, professors can present videos and images in brilliant and life-like detail.


Here’s a quick overview of all the amazing features of this product.


Product Description

First of all, the Epson PowerLite Dual Projection System weighs only 6 pounds. That is fairly light for a device of such nature. Further, its width, length, and height are only 12.8, 9.6 and 3.1 respectively.


Usually, when a screen projection is going on, professors dim the lights in the room so the display would be clearer. The problem with that is that there isn’t enough light for note-taking. An even bigger problem is that some students just get drowsy in dim-lit classrooms. However, with an LCD display, the projection will be so bright and clear that there won’t be a need to dim the lights anymore.


The great news is that the Epson PowerLite Dual Projection System has a native resolution of 1280x800. Also, it has a color and white brightness of up to 6000 lumens. What that means is that the color and white brightness will be balanced out perfectly, without causing too much glare. All of those factors contribute to its extraordinary LCD display, putting an end to the dreaded dull and dark screen projection-days.


The projector’s visuals are typically of 2D quality. However, it supports all 3D formats as well. It doesn’t even require external 3D converters to do this. In fact, the projector package comes with a pair of adult 3D glasses. Again, there is no need to turn out the lights during a projection. So using 3D-imagery could make a class more interesting for both, the students and the teacher.


Moving on to this device’s connectivity. Just like with any other projector, the Epson PowerLite projector uses only an HDMI cable for its HD quality audios and videos. However, MacBook users will have to connect the device via USB and DVI to HDMI adapters.


Even setting up this projector doesn’t require too much effort. The box comes with everything that is required to install the projector. For example, it comes with two PowerLite 3D projectors, a mount, polarizing filters, power cords, and other necessary accessories.


What’s more, this Epson projector is smart enough to adjust the corners of the images to portray a proper rectangular image. It can also reproduce up to one billion colors and provide a 1.2x HD zoom into the image. Yes, an HD zoom-in.


Moreover, it supports a front, rear and ceiling mount. That allows for flexibility since the projector’s position depends on the size of the room.


Finally, it seems as though the manufacturers even paid attention to the security of this device. It comes with a Kensington security lock port, a padlock, and a security cable hole. Plus, it also has password-protection, making access to the projector solely for its owner alone.