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Epson BrightLink 3LCD Projector Review

Fri 24, August 2018   Reviews

Epson is a big name when it comes to projectors. They have a legacy of making some great quality products and the BrightLink 3LCD is nothing different from the league. The BrightLink 3LCD is an interactive projector offering exciting, collaborative learning for any classrooms. The best reason to have one of them is it does not require any electronic whiteboard, with this you can convert any wall or any board into an interactive display.


  • Can be connected to an Android, IOS or Windows based device

  • Bright and crisp images

  • Minimal shadows and glare

  • Can connect wireless to any device

  • Can be connected to 50 simultaneous devices


Epson is a well-known company and has a good-will of having some great projectors, and the new BrightLink is nothing different as it carries the same legacy to a much higher level. This new offering from Epson is great for classroom interactions as it can produce very bright and crisp images. It is really a great deal for those who run classrooms and are not having a white board as with this projector you can turn any wall or board into an interactive display.


  • Can be used with any device using any Operating system

  • Brighter and crisper images

  • Minimal shadows and glares

  • Can be connected to 50 devices simultaneously

  • Can connect wirelessly to any device

  • Great for a classroom

  • Can convert any wall into interactive display  


It is a great and a value for money device for those who want to make their classrooms a bit-more interactive. The images produced by it are crisp and bright and best part being it can be connected simultaneously to 50 devices. But the only downside being its limited use.