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Projector Review: Optoma EH415

Tue 15, July 2014   Reviews

Designed for today?s digital world, Optoma?s latest projector targets businesses in particular. The high-specification, crisp-white EH415 is a relatively compact yet robust projector that has comparable features and performance to larger installation models, making it a versatile choice for high-quality imagery in meeting rooms.


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Source : Business Computing World (UK)

  1. In an age of design importance, the Optoma EH415 looks great with a neat, sleek white design and imposing lens. Beauty isn?t only skin deep either ? the Optoma EH415 is well built and packs a great feature set.
  2. Optoma uses single-chip DLP (digital light processing) technology in the EH415, resulting in bright images with good contrast while maintaining precise color accuracy and natural color reproduction. DLP chips also generally operate faster than LCD (liquid crystal display) or LCoS (liquid crystal on silicon), looking sharper and more detailed during fast motion playback.
  3. Its in-built BrilliantColor technology uses more colors on the color wheel than the standard Red, Green, Blue and White segments to help create an improved color spectrum with more accurate colors. In addition, the EH415 has an advanced color matching function that allows users to match colors when using multiple projectors.
  4. The EH415 is bright at 4,200 ANSI but weighs a reasonable 3.4kg. This makes it practical to carry between meetings, especially with its bundled soft carrying case.
  5. Its Eco+ dynamic lamp dimming function gives a 12,000:1 contrast and an impressive 7,000 hour lamp life. The high contrast ratio makes the EH415 ideal for large screen applications, while the top-loading lamp makes replacement easy, even after the unit is installed.
  6. The EH415 has a vertical lens shift range of +20% and a 1.6x zoom range, helping to make installation flexible for retro-fit installations where placement flexibility is essential. It can display a 100-inch image from between 2.88m to 4.60m.
  7. This Full HD 1080p resolution projector has multiple display modes, making it suitable for watching movies, projecting Powerpoint presentations or even viewing X-rays and scans during medical training through its DICOM simulation mode. It works with pretty much every source including Blu-ray 3D players, 3D broadcast signals such as Sky3D, the latest video game consoles, as well as 3D sources from computers for professional design and modelling applications.
  8. For all cable junkies out there, the full list of I/O connectors comprises: HDMI v1.4a, DisplayPort, x2 VGA-in, VGA-out, composite video, S-Video, audio-in, RCA audio-in, audio-out, 12V trigger, RS-232C, RJ45 and USB-B. A wireless VGA dongle is optional, as is a ceiling mount and Optoma screens.
  9. Security is always an issue with portable projectors so it?s great to see the EH415 has a Kensington Lock and Security Bar for double anti-theft protection, as well as a keypad lock and password protection to prevent unauthorized access.
  10. The projector is compatible with multiple control systems using RS232 or LAN including Crestron, PJ-Link and Telnet. This allows IT managers to monitor, manage and control the projector (and to 250 other projectors) via a master computer.