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Sony Expands Laser Projector Line with Five New Models

Tue 6, March 2018   AV News

Sony is adding five new WUXGA resolution models to its family of laser light source projectors. Each is designed for a range of commercial mid-range installation applications in schools, including education, faith, corporate and museums.

The new models include the VPL-FHZ120L (12,000lm) and VPL-FHZ90L (9,000lm) for larger venues, and the compact VPL-FHZ66 (6,100lm), VPL-FHZ61 (5,100lm) and VPL-FHZ58 (4,200lm) for mid-sized classrooms. These new projectors grow Sony’s laser offerings to more than a dozen and take advantage of laser light source benefits, including increased brightness, ease of use and installation flexibility.

Each model uses Sony’s unique Z-Phosphor Laser with a blue laser as its light source complemented by a 3LCD optical system, to achieve the full spectrum of light and continuous, clear RGB color. The five new projectors feature auto color calibration, a function that enables users to easily maintain the best picture quality over time and Sony’s industry-leading instant on/off, which can be used to begin presentations at full brightness, with almost no warm-up/cool down time.

The VPL-FHZ120L and VPL-FHZ90L use a newly-developed LCD panel with enhanced light resistance, and for the VPL-FHZ120L, an optical compensator to realize high contrast that delivers stable brightness and high-quality image with vibrant color reproduction.

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