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Laser Projector Technology Becoming Mainstream

Wed 6, September 2017   AV News

The SRX-R800 Series, which Sony already previewed at both CinemaCon in Las Vegas and CineEurope in Barcelona earlier this year, is 4K HDR compatible and uses laser technology to project the images on the screen - in this case, native DCI-compliant 4K, as these projectors are designed for theatrical cinema use. It also delivers an image that is brighter than existing projectors at the same time so it is a double whammy in terms of projector technology. The projector even makes use of Sony’s acclaimed SXRD optical panel technology which can achieve a contrast ratio of up to a maximum of 10,000:1. Sony says this makes all the SRX-R800 series models "the ideal choice for delivering HDR content, giving cinema audiences an even more immersive entertainment experience."

So it looks like digital projection has a bright future especially as it is well suited to larger screens, whereas Samsung’s offering requires a giant LED panel that is presently sold as a product that is fixed at 10.3 meters wide. That screen size is probably closest to the smallest cinema screens out there but perhaps LED technology will find its feet for smaller auditoriums, whereas medium and large sized venues might go with 4K laser projection. Having said that, Sony has an offering for smaller auditoriums too. They are recommending the SRX-R810P as being ideal for small venues because it is rated at 7,500 lumens. The SRX-R815P can output 15,000 lumens which should make it work well in medium-sized auditoriums.


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