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Projecting Into The Future - Laser Projectors

Tue 1, August 2017   Projectors

The laser is, at last, becoming a more appealing choice for exhibitors, says Oliver Pasch, sales director for Sony Digital Cinema 4K: “In our view, the earliest offerings from other manufacturers didn’t impress in terms of either image quality or cost efficiencies over the best non-laser solutions like our own R500 Series. We’ve always been focused 100% on giving audiences the best possible pictures. Now laser is maturing to the point where it’s a valuable complement to lamp-based systems.”

Sony recently unveiled its first 4K laser phosphor projector. The new SRX-R800 Series is High Dynamic Range (HDR)-ready. It’s also offered as a dual projection system for high-brightness images on large screens with smooth 3D. The R800 offers a groundbreaking 10,000:1 average contrast ratio, ideal for HDR content. That’s even higher even than the 8,000:1 contrast achieved by Sony’s current R500 4K projectors that use a low-maintenance HPM multi-lamp array.

Separately, Sony has shown an early prototype of its advanced RGB laser solution. Targeted squarely at high-end PLF screen owners, the system supports a far wider color gamut than today’s DCI spec. Still, in development, the RGB product uses a twin light engine teamed with a single projection lens, allowing extremely natural high-brightness 3D images.

Looking further into the future, Sony has also showcased its Crystal LED technology as an additional option for tomorrow’s high-tier screen owners. This radical “no-projector” system uses an array of high-brightness display modules that can be tiled to create an ultra-large screen of any proportions, with no visible gaps between modules. Already offered to Sony’s corporate and industrial users, Crystal LED achieves a huge color range, very wide viewing angle and an unmatched contrast ratio. But, as Pasch says: “Crystal LED is some way off being a commercial product, and it’s going to occupy its own specialist niche. Right now, exhibitors have never had a better choice of the lamp- and laser- based 4K solutions for any size of the auditorium.”


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